How much trouble am I in? Hot/cheat coat.

Hi everyone, looking for some pointers on my next move.

This being my first board I am doing things never done before and learning a lot. First is that a Milwaukee sander will beat you up. Seriously I saw videos of people saying that it was rough but wow.

I am building the board for my son and want it to look somewhat ok, at least float a little.

My question is this, after my hot coat I wanted to do a pin line to cover my cut lap, but also wanted to sand down and bring back up for a gloss coat. I took it all the way down and a few gouge marks and sore muscles later the board looks so much worse than before. Did I take it to far? I am going to start going up in sand paper grade and smoothing it out though I am wondering if I went about this the wrong way to get to my desired finish.

Learning plenty so I am super happy with that.

Appreciate the community, thanks for any help.

Hard to tell what your problems are from these pics. Did you sand through the glass? Are there bad spots from the sander digging in?
It is unclear what your actual issue is, as the photos don’t show much besides some possible sanding dust build up in pinholes.

if your paper was gumming up, your hotcoat was somehow messed up… too much or too little wax.

if it was me… id do your pinline.

THEN piss coat {resin, styrene or acetone to thin and surfacing agent.}
if you do the piss coat proper, it will fill your pin holes and give you a real thin layer to buff out after a light sand. start with 320 or 400

In the middle of the other thread OP mentions that resin is epoxy.
Styrene and acetone and wax are for polyester resin.

didnt see said other thread.

I find some people put so much work into the deck side cup lap, ironically thats where all the dirty wax builds up eventually and no one will ever be able to see how much work went into the cut lap. It looks like it’ll surf alright!

What the FUCK is going on here?
… How can you guys let him get so messed up ?

Look at you… 2000 grit, Epoxy. i see your set up. Whats missing? something between the ears? … Glass the thing, filler it. sand it. 120 grit to 240 grit. ride the bloody board… you want to bin it, and your talking total shit.

Blame it all on me. I shot my mouth off and assumed it was a poly lam. Mea Culpa.

Im guilty of not having enough between the ears or the attention span to understand exactly what the question is… Mike

I’m guilty of being a prick, so FO !

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Not quite sure what’s going on here?? The blind leading the blind as they say???

Sand the board to 120 - pinline - and then put your final finish coat on. Epoxy takes a bit of skill to get a good shine - I’d sand to 320 and be done with it.

Your wasting all sorts of time, energy and material/money sanding that thing by hand to 1000+ grit only to gloss over it

Sweet, thanks for all the help. Gonna have a go fixing it. Looking at doing an resin pinline and waited for the black to come in.

friendship actually…I have a crude bunch of crew around me. Taking the piss - sorry to offend.