how narrow can you go on noserider nose

On the way to work and a thought occured… why does the nose on nose riders tend to be min 16’‘. Could they go as far down as 14 ?lets say the beach break is head to head and a half.,the board is 9’6’’ and you amble to bow and nestle in the first quarter, the other three quarters is keeping you in that position.Perhaps narrower would be better in that less area to catch chop ,offshore winds etc and better swingweight.Visually thinking a cross beteen a gunny longboard and a Wayne Lynch Evolution period look nose wise.Has anyone experimented on this and have some practical knowledge of success and failure


I used to make boards like that, narrower noses with a nice kick added to the nose. Plus 1"nose last 18’’ in the blank, the old clark 9’9" for a 9’6". The noses would be around 15" wide and pointy. I found that if you left the bottom FLAT, with a small radius, short board type rail, they worked REALLY GOOD. You can noseride in the fast steep part of the wave. the looser nose, no concave or softness usually associated with a “noserider” allowed for better turning from the tail. You are right about offshore winds etc.On bigger days you can surf a lot more “offensively”. No big nose in the way. Plus for what its worth on a longboard the kicked nose helped em duckdive. I really believe in em, they just don’t sell.

Jeez–isn’t that pretty sizable surf for noseriding? I dunno… headhigh seems like time to break out the carvers and more maneuverable vehicles.

But hell, I’m just happy to be here. Also, I’d really like to see that size wave being noseridden on a board like you guys are talking about…

Obviously the smaller the board the better the surfer.

Not what I meant by any means. I just thought that was what people did? I have a noserider–we just don’t see headhigh that often, and I didn’t think anyone around here is all that great–I thought you guys would be doing a million turns per wave–I fool

Thanks Ace thats great feed back. Sometimes ones own imagination can go places which end in practical disaster,so its heartening to hear these boards have been made and do perform. Could you elaborate… 1’’ nose last 18’'…Thanks


For me being that i have rode many longboards I still find a wider nose works a lot better for noseriding. it feels better too!


Could you elaborate… 1’’ nose last 18’'…

it means that from whatever the stock rocker is on the Clark 9’9" blank, he increased the curve of the nose rocker by 1" starting 18" back from the nose.

Thanks I will throw that terminology around my shaper and he might even believe i know what I’m talking about .Anyone else have any feedback on narrow noses