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Shark caught off Newport, Oregon

Woaah, She’s a big one. I tried to estimate her length based on the gentlemen’s legs and width of stances. I got up to aprox. 20 feet and we can’t see the last part of her tail and caudal fin. Did they mention the length? What year? Are Whitey’s edible? Other than cat food. Mike

That pic is from the '30’s.

More recently, the Whitey beached at Ano, circa 1982, was 22’, female, app. 4,700 lbs., when totally on dry land, about shoulder high and wide as my Honda Civic.

I can’t really verify the height and width, as the Rangers wouldn’t let me get closer than the roped off 50’ “safety” zone. Her dorsal fin seemed 4’ tall, but hard to tell, since it was flopped over and curved/bent.

On another note, “Stumpy”, the female white that is tracked by sonar from the Farallones, the one they placed a cardboard surfer on a surfboard to entist, the one that attacks from below and throws her victims 20’ up out of the water, was a 20’er, somewhere in the low 3,000 lbs range, just a midget in dwarfs clothing.

In the mid 80’s, BobMcCosker, the Steinhart Aquarium “shark” expert, said two then 16’, 6 gills were locals under the N tower of GGBridge, and can be seen during calm mornings, looking down from the Northern end of the bridge.

That would be about 19 years ago. I wonder how big they are nowadays?

All i can think of is … nice shark fin soup !

Andi from Malaysia .