how slow is two slow?

I am about to glass m first board and my dad has a very old 2 speed buffer/sander laying around. I plugged it in and it seems to be working fine. It says the max speed is 1,500 RPM is that too slow for sanding surf boards? I know that to fast of a sander will undoubtably cause damage but will too slow cause problems too?

Never had any problems sanding too slowly. And if this is your first, and you don’t have a lot of power tool experience, especially disc sander experience, then the slower the better. Set that puppy on ‘low’ and work carefully. hope that’s of use doc…

or… to build upper body strength, do it by hand. It took me 5 hours today to completely sand (well, a thirty minute break to skate my back porch). Start with 80 grit, then to 220 grit, and finish with 320 grit. All of it available at Walmart for decent price.

Hee- there ya go. For somebody starting out, I can’t think of a better way to go than that. Awfully hard to do any real damage and at the same time learn what working the curves is all about. I’ve only seen one guy go through the glass hand sanding…gawd, was he dumb. He redid a ding job three times, hand sanded through it at least twice. As my late father would have said, pitifully ignorant and staunchly refused to learn.

I have a vey nice 6 speed Makita and I don’t sand on anything but the two sloweset settings. So you will be fine! Drew