How strong is your fin system?

With the release of the new NANOPOD, here's some footage on the strength tests.

Both tests use our standard composite fins which are designed to snap off at the tab under severe side stress.

Severe frontal impact is absorbed by the interdiscs which are designed to release the fin, limiting any damage to the box and reducing any lengthly repairs.

Of course it also helps to limit potential personal injury - images of Joel's foot spring to mind...

Now that’s scientific. :slight_smile:

4 ways, that's pretty impressive! i liked your practical approach.... no fancy words and stats... most of the industry is built on tried and tested and not scientific... keep up the good work, the Nano looks great!

I know... Keeps it simple, understandable and to the point.

By the way the link doesn't take you straight to the video, here it is again, should work now...

I want to see the same test with glass fins.


I’ve had 2 boards w/4wfs installed both 1.9# eps, 6’1" glassed w/4oz bottom+4oz tail patch, the other a 6’7" w/6oz bot+4oz tailpatch.

Both about a year + old, so the inset plug I had was NOT the new version w/the rearward tounge.

Probably 30 sessions on the 6’1", 10 on the 6’7".

I’ve ran over a guys longboards side on at a good dropping in and one pump for speed then the dreaded T-Bone w/this system and not even noticed a ding for a week. After really looking, I took fin out and noticed that both front fins had pushed slightly into the glass/cracked it a bit and the other fin was pushed 1/32" into the foam but that’s a guess. I just sanded and put a 4oz patch to cover “holes”.

I think this system is strong, simple for install and a real benefit (until you talk to your customers and give them options, their eyes may glass over), BUT a great way to help turn a good board into a more fine tuned machine. Also good for extending the range of a board for travel.

NO sponsorship, just user comments. I’d love to get more, but when do I have an extra $20 for plugs…? Hope to stock up soon and get more of my custom and stock shapes to be able to offer this advance.


 I'd love to get more, but when do I have an extra $20 for plugs...? Hope to stock up soon and get more of my custom and stock shapes to be able to offer this advance. 


The under the glass nanopod is even stronger than on-the-glass so you'll be kept happy on that score for sure.

From a price point the re-engineering of the nanopod and our new discs (with offset screws) has actually resulted in a noticeable price decrease... check with your local distributor - In Australia they wholesale to shapers for A$11 a thuster set includings discs, screws etc...

I should also have clarified a fuller report on my above post for the viewer…

My inserts and discs were FINE from impact. Fin got a bit loose, but nothing to even get out of the water for (like I said, I did not even realize the tiny cracks till a week or so later). The older inserts had set screws for the fin on an equal placement/directly across from each other, the new system seems to have to set screws off set front and back, I’m guessing that this helps w/strength as well as creating a offset resistence when force is applied to the fin and allows for the fin tab to break first.

Any fin system that can hold up to that impact in EPS/light glassed foam passes my test.

I had carbon/glass/hexcore fin set int he board in question.

good stuff, I will get more!!!