How the hell are they doing this??


I am relatively new to this board building lark and whilst trying to figure out how to get some nice, sharp, professional looking decals I stumbled across the site above. How do they do it can anyone tell me?

What material are they printing on to and what type of inks?? Is there anyone that does this in Ireland or the UK??

(By the way, if anyone knows anywhere that prints up pro looking decals, can they drop a name too and the Rice/lam paper ones never look that sharp!)





you should contact the guy(s) that you linked...

they post here sometimes. i can't remember their Sway-name though.

a quick search will find it. they seem pretty up front about their stuff.

pm feraldave ,that's his site, and his boards

where abouts are you based?

im in ireland and use freaks of fashion. they are in germany and do good prices

the owner posts on here a marlee.



and if you’re in the US there is victim board art and dystrakted.