How thick should the tail be? *PICS*

This is my fourth board. I’m making it for my girlfriend, who’s 5’ 2" and about 100 lbs. The board is an 8’ 0".

I have a question about the tail, I’ve looked at alot of different boards and i see that on square tails, they can be more pulled back or they can be “blockier”. What is the difference and is it a big difference?

Here are some pictures of what i have so far:

Let me know what you think.

'sup to the surfer’s preferences!

Some like thick tails, especially for smaller waves, mostly backfoot oriented and powerful surfers…or weak paddlers.

Other’s like thin tails, especially surfers who like to trim and run, who don’t spend lots of time back there.

Just surfer preference, you can’t tell till you try!

just a little thinner.

box rails are easier to shape ,less time

make it easy on yourself .

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speed of sound?

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Ok, so i guess i’ll go for the blockier tail because she is still starting out.

Ambrose, speed of sound is 340 meters per second(physics does come in useful for something) or 1115 feet per second.