how to apply a finishing(gloss) coat

I have made about a hundred short boards and finally decided to try and shape a longboard for my daughter. I have completed the hot coat and have sanded it down. I would like to apply a finishing coat so that I can get a nice glossy shine on her board but am not sure how much catalyst I need to use or if I need to thin out the resin. Can someone out there help me out with this? thanks, Mike

… so that I can get a > nice glossy shine …>>> thanks,>>> Mike Check out the following link I found from “Anthony’s Board Building Links.” : Its part of a manuscript written by Bruce -the snake- Gabrelson. I pretty much used this as my only guide in glossing a board a few years back and it turned out exceptional. I would suggest that you buy a pre-mixed gloss and not hassle with making your own. Yes, you got to kick gloss resin harder. I send mine off about 150% of what I would use per tempature/volume of sanding resin. My bet is you could go a lot hotter, but you are working with a small volume and the mekp ratio can get out of whack real quick if you are not careful. The point of glossing resin is to lay down a thin coat. Lay it thick and it will run in the nose and rails and other curved areas… leave you with a nice typographical landscape (paint on a relief map of the US with the Rocky Mtn.s being the nose and the Appalachians being the rails - you will know where the Grand Canyon is.) Shine

Another way would be to thin down Suncure sanding resin. That way you get to work with the finish a little longer, and be certain that it will all kick. Try spraying on Suncure under incandescent light. It will froth with water vapor. The froth will evaporate in about 5 minutes as the wax rises to the surface. Then kick it in UV. Spraying will help ensure an even gloss coat. -Noodle

Try spraying on Suncure under incandescent light. > -Noodle Noodle: How do you spray the gloss coat? What type of sprayer? thanks

Noodle:>>> How do you spray the gloss coat? What type of sprayer?>>> thanks Sorry to take so long getting back. I was getting slotted. I’ve only spray coated once. I used a standard automotive air/venturi siphon sprayer. The kind with a one quart paint can attached. I feed it from a 3 1/2 hp Home Depot compressor, tank and regulator. I thinned the resin with styrene.

Just bought a close artist relative an Iwata Eclipse model air brush for his b-day. I own a Badger pen type air brush. The art store guy is an airbrush artist. He demoed the Iwata for me and I fell in love. Badger doesn’t hold a candle to Iwata. Iwata’s airbrush goes from fine line to broad, high volume pattern by using a continuoulsy modulated trigger. I wish I had enough money left over to buy myself one.