How to choose a size of a Vaquero?

Hi All,

I’m thinking of getting a Vaquero and can’t seem to find any guidlines for choosing the length. I’m 5.5 130lbs and usually surfing 3-7 ft. beach breaks.

Any thoughts on what i should be looking for?


You might be able to find contact info on his website.

More info/contact the man himself? I’m about the same height and a bit lighter. I like really short boards so I’d go 6’4", the smallest size they list there, which I’d consider a big board for me, and probably put a 7.5" 4a fin in it.

3-7’ beachbreak…  That makes me think Ponto, so for that I would go with a 6’6" pintail no wider than 19" and 2" thick, thruster.

For nice reef breaks at the same size, it looks like he’s got some nice longboards…

Just email Marc and be HONEST about your abilties and the waves you surf and you cant go wrong with mr Andreini.

Excellent customer service and my board is absolutely magic!