How to get a nice shiny polish

Ok so I have just done the final coat and im going to polish the resin up. Do I need to sand it anymore or do I just polish it. How would I attempt to get it nice and shiny like the pro’s. I have never done a polish coat before.

Resinhead-Polishing was my first job in surfboards and I still take pride in this important step today. If you have a soft Power Pad that would be great. You first must eliminate your tape bead from the rail. The safest way to do this is use a razor blade and slowly scrape it level trying not to go through the gloss coat. Next you need 400,600,and 800 grit wet-sand paper. Get some water and rub the rails with 400 and 600. Then put 400 on your power pad and using slow rpms(constant feathering will do)and tool the flats top and bottom.I dry sand all mine,some prefer to wetsand.Repeat with other grits. Than using polishing compound and a buffing bonnet on your tool,go to town and shine it up. If using a high rpm tool be cautious not to spin the board of the rack.Take your time and good luck. TedK.

Get a hi priced ho they buff the best

What polishing compound have you found to be the best?

Vargas 38 DD with a pretty face and full lips are best !

Thanks Ted Kearns.

Howzit Tubedog, Shurlustre is the best I’ve come across. Aloha, Kokua

Mahalo Kokua!

Try Maguires #7 to really give it some shine after you compound. Don’t need but a silver dollar sized puddle for each side. The stuff’s kinda pricey too,but works great to replace liquid ebony.TEDK.

Shureluster is great stuff.The local luthier is using it to polish lacquer finishes on very expensive guitars and mandolins.He claims that it seems to break down into a finer compound as it heats up with friction.Anyone know the guys making it?They may be missing a big market.Repackage as “Shureluster Fine Lacquer polish”,plus it has a nice smell. R.B.

Where can you purchase Maguires #7 or shureluster, hardware store, auto store? Thanks; Frank

Maguires #7 is at most auto supply stores. I get shurluster from Atlantic Surfing Fla. Autobody suppliers may have it also.Depends on whatarea you are in.TEDK>

Anyone remember/heard of mirror glaze? When I worked at a boat company years ago we would use it on the molds and any repairs we did.Worked great and smelled good too…