how to make a fred tool?


Well, i still havent tackled the rail on the fish. I want to use a fred to get the tucked under edge but am having trouble getting the 30deg bevel on one side of the wood. Ive tried the jigsaw but its too unsteady for that angle. Ive tried a handsaw and that sucked for the same reason. Any short-cuts tips on how to go about doing it? any help appreciated


Bandsaw if you have access. You can usually tilt the table and then make a perfect cut. Some of them have the degree right on the table so you know exactly how much tilt you have.

I would use a sander.

An easier way,but not nesessarily faster is with a block plane.

You can also use a power planer,but if you skills aren’t there it might be better sticking w/ number 2.

Put you wood in a vice and plane on the top/side edge(the length of the block) at the desired degree/angle.Continue this cut until you have reach the bottom side edge.Sand any major imperfections off/flush and you’re done.Herb

Instructions for making a Fred tool:

  1. grab sheet of course sanding screen, one hand on each side.

  2. stretch tight and hold at about 30 degree angle to board

instant Fred tool

The base plate on jig saws are usually adjustable & marked with degrees to set different blade angle, mine does anyway. Then clamp a 2x4 to use as a guide to cut your angle in a nice straight line. Be careful tightening the screws through the surform blades into the wood.



Instructions for making a Fred tool:

  1. grab sheet of course sanding screen, one hand on each side.

  2. stretch tight and hold at about 30 degree angle to board

instant Fred tool

Thanks for the advice fellas.

Might try my block plane and then the sander. As for just using the screen - COOL idea but my lack of experience means i would be swearing and cussing in no time. Think i’ll stick with the tool for now! Still, something to aim for.



Get yourself to a table saw. Set the angle to 30. Cut it. Sand it smooth. Really easy and comes out perfect.

I did what rickrickrick did, sooo easy, took 10 mins, works great.

Many thanks. Havent got a bench saw but will get a belt sander from the old man and see how that goes. Also, I know that the the fred is meant for the bottom of the board but can you use it to make rail bands on the top too ? (sorry for the newbie question)



Im pretty sure it was lob who had a pic of himself using a few? surform blades on a flat piece of timber for rail bands. Looked like a great tool. The thread wasnt too long ago, but i cant remember what it was called. I think you could use your fred on the deck, but it may take a while that’s all.

I used a bench planer and a nice bit of hardwood as the stock, prefect result. If your not lucky anough to have or know someone with a bench planer go to a woodwork shop and get them to run one up, it will take them hardly any time and cost little. A table saw is your next best bet.

Skil Saws work great too, you can also adjust the angle on the base. Clamp a stock longer than your finished tool. Trick is to use two smaller sureform cheese graters, and reverse them. That way they cut on the push and the pull. Make sure you pre-drill for the screws. Tool should last forever. I think mine’s 8 years old, and seems to get better with time. Problem is the grain on the wood starting to leave lines in the foam as the wood itself gets worn:) I cut my 4th rail band with the tool with the flat of the tool on the flat of the rail. I think they’re a must have.

 Howzit rick, A table saw is the best for cutting the 30 degree angle. Not sure but I don't think anybody has mentioned that when you attach the surform blades they need to be opposite of each other so the fred will cut in both directions. Aloha,Kokua

Hey Beerfan…now make one @ 90 degrees to true up your outline. Super 77 some 20 grit about 1/8th inch from the top of the plate that does the sanding. This way you can lay your template on the deck and sand the foam right up to it without damaging your template.

Fantastic tool & technique, Dane! Although wouldn’t it be better to use it from the bottom? I’m thinking any dome in the blank deck might make it more difficult than from flat bottom.

Thanks for sharing that.

Top idea mate!

Yes it would be better from the bottom. If not, atleast the board will be semertical with the same angle on both rails.

Hey! for all the effort…could we call it the “Dane tool”?

Someone probably has already done this! Heck, Pluskunas probably has a carbide one!

Well if you are listening Mr. Pluskunas give me a call if you are intersted.

I like to daydream!

The Pluskunas made Dane tool.

Not to be mistaken for “Dane is a tool”!


hey dude

i glued some 3mm thick wood onto a fred block i made from eps and then glued 40 grit on that

it works ok