How to make a groveler work in better waves


currently designing a 5’5" 20.5 2.75 board with a fishy kind of outline. curious to see if anyone has any advice in regards to making a shorter groveler-esque board work better in good surf. thinking overhead to well overhead waves with push, located on oahu . I love short chunky boards and want to push em into as much as I can. I’m thinking a more parallel outline with a wing or hip that cuts to a pulled in round or swallow tail would be fun, not trying to reinvent the wheel, just looking for some groovy design ideas to increase drive and hold.

Mahalo in advance!

Its all about the fins. Toe in, Cant, flex and fin template.
If you want to test what I’m saying, take your favorite current board and ride a few waves with Performer fins then go in and change the fins to a set of Carvers.

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Yeah that makes alot of sense! Ill try some of the bigger, drivey twins first!

As well as more fins, longer, higher aspect fins.

Pinched rails, but keeping the volume in the deck?