How to make a pintail in APS3000?

How do you do this? It starts with a square tail and I can’t seem to get it right.

Just bring the two corners of the square tail to one point, or delete the corner points…it’s something easy like that. Or just bring the corner points towards the middle of the board…yeah, do that.

Put your farthest left red guide point almost to center of the tail. Put your yellow guide point close to your blue guide point. Pull your blue guide point forward till you see the tail getting pointy. Adjust with the farthest left red guide point and yellow guide point to get that round pintail effect if thats what you are looking for. Its seems easier to move guide points with the arrow keys when trying to fine tune instead of dragging the guide points with your mouse. Play around with it and you’ll get it pretty quick… Hope this helps…

in the bottom right, there’s a box labeled “Point Control Zone”

see the two arrows that point from the yellow and the red to the blue?

click the blue square at the tail

then click each of those arrow buttons

(you’ll also need to move the blue square immediately to the right of the tail…play around with the point to achieve a smooth curve leading back to the pin)