how to make a rocker jig??

Can anyone tell me how to make a rocker jig and the methods and materials used to construct it?

…A plywood or doorskin job will work,unless you want it to be ajustable.Herb

Hot wired out of EPS is also a simple way. Are you vaccuum bagging?

No Greg im not vacuum bagging, im looking for an adjustable rocker jig like the one ive seen on that australian website shapersaustralia or something, it looks like a 2x4 with a level in the middle and long screws about every 6in apart. Has anyone made one of these? Any opinions on it? Im looking for a way to be more consistant with my rockers.

Jason: Here is what I was considering after looking at many of the same ones you have seen online: 1. 1" box aluminum about 8’ long or appropriate for your boards 2. Use a drill press if possible, say every 1"- 3" drill some 3/16" holes through both walls of the box, straight through is the key. 3. Take a single machine thread self tapping bolt, to match your hole dia. and run it through both walls of the aluminum box. A cordless drill with a driver bit to match the head on the bolt should cut the aluminum easily. 4. After you tap EACH (whew! lots of 'em) holes then find some thumb/panhead bolts that are long enough for your rocker dimensions at nose/tail and put one in each hole. 5. Better jigs I’ve seen have a flat piece of stock attached to the bolts as a continuous contour guide. You might compromise and use some of the largest nylon nuts you can find and glue/epoxy them on the ends of the bolts so not to damage your blank. ****an accurate jig or template can be made out of thin paneling or PVC plastic signboard if you have a half dozen or so of favorite rocker outlines. Tom S.

Oh, that kind of jig. I think Tom’s answer is what your looking for, right?