how to make a vacuum regulator switch ??


all that smoke in my basement is killing me!  [smoke from the fridge pump]

how can a simple guy make a regulator that turns the electricity on and off at 0.25 bar of vacuum? 

that pump should stop now and then, so the smokes are kept down, and the pump doesn-t overheat either [something that happens with the RR slow hardener]

i have absolutely no idea, and the search for vacuum switch, or vacuum regulator doesn’t give my anything to work off



I built a system like this, but instead of the switch turning the pump on or off directly, it trips a relay that turns the power on or off.  I had problems finding a switch that could handle the amount of current the pump needs, but when i used $10 relay rated at something like 3A it works great.  Once the bag gets to the vacuum level you set using the spring adjustment, the pump turns on every 5 minutes for 1 or two seconds at a time, when I get a really good seal on my bag.  The bigger your vac resevior, the more efficient your system will be.

I built mine exactly the same :smiley:

I am currently investigating the same thing with regards to a pneumatic press where I don't want the compressor running 24/7 and one of the things I am encountering in the literature is a warning not to cycle a pump too often as it may damage the pump, for the vacuum system this means that a reservoir is not just a handy thing but more of a necessity. Actually, you would want a higher vacuum reservoir and vacume regulator to bleed a lower vacuum into the bag, ideally.. For my compressor press I have ordered a FESTO PEN M5 regulator, it handles vacuum as well as pressure, I hope I can figure out how to use it now...





Edit: Great link on the vacum regulator mod from dream models!! That is toooo cooool!  Wouter, I am thinking this may be your best option!


 edit edit:


looks like this part from VW bug is still current:






**I don’t want the compressor running 24/7 **


Once I reach pressure (90 seconds) and my pump shuts off it comes on every 40 to 60 minutes for about 20 seconds then shuts off.

I added a relay and a vacuum switch and a Mac Value and mine runs on 220V. The two Large holding tanks help as well (30" x 4" PVC).

So I don’t blame you for not wanting the compressor running 24/7 my wife won’t be too happy!



I’m green to bagging, and currently building-out my setup. Pump just arrived, supplies on their way… Gonna play the idiot card here:

What’s a Mac Value?

Anyone have advice on holding tanks? -Is it worth building my own holding tanks?

Last post was 2010; any new switches on the market anyone eyeing?

I need a good vac bagging read…links?

I’m bagging some boards for myslef, but this setup will be mostly for pow skis and furniture.

Appreciate it.

Yes to a MAC value.

Yes to holding tanks!

I have a family and making a bunch of noise is offensive.


The Vacuum set up I built some time ago is quite.

It comes on reaches vacuum and turns off.

Here’s a old picture:

Surfding, Thanks man. Seems simple enough, curious if that sub-reservoir is necessary. My pump:

I’m not so bright so I just built this as recommend to me by a wood worker.


If you figure out a way without some parts power to you.


It was cheaper to build than to buy one already made.

These were the parts on the more expensive unit.


I’m a DIY kind of guy.

Good luck with your unit.

I use mine for more than surfboards.

Surfboards are easy.