How to make Surfboard leashes

Does anyone know of any instructional websites or other informational sources which provide details for how to construct surfboard leashes? Yes, they are pretty simple, but I still would like to have some more information. 20 years ago the leashes appeared to be thermally butt-welded (melted) into a plastic fitting. The ones on my boards now have overmolds on the ends. I don't know what these are made of or how they are joined to the urethane cord.

The plastic overmolds incorporate set-screws which attach them to a metal fitting that permits swiveling.

If there are vendors that anyone knows of that sell surfboard components or that make custom leashes, please post their information.


I can get any kind of leash and or the pieces to make them

The factory I deal with makes them for FCS and creatures plus many more companies

If you order enough, you can customize them any way you want

for small orders like a couple of hundred, your limited to choosing the thickness, length, stretch, colour, types of “strap”
materials - kind off - basically whether you want solid colour material, or that kind that is clear with the “cord” down the middle, maybe some more basic choices I’m forgetting like packaging etc



I am in china BTW

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Yes but does anyone know how to make surfboard leashes? I appreciate the offer to allow me to procure leashes and I may contact you after some research. I also understand that the site has rules, etc.

But my question remains: Does anyone know how to make them, how they are jointed to plastic fittings, the durometer of the urethane used, and other details? That is the information I'm looking for.

…talking about leashes…now we are totally in megacorps hands

happen in all the best brands, like Pro lite

I have last of the real leash series by prolite also their “old” bags

all truly good

now I see their leashes, etc and all are crap like the other brands.

those “olders” have a rubber that grabs around the swivel that protects the rails, etc now you have a rigid plastic composite that heavily hit the rails, tails, etc

“designed by surfers”…China surfers…



Mike only has 4 rules…and two of them are about this stuff?  A better reply might be,

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There is a business-man side of me that is contemplating this thread and wants to say "can someone please relate the technical approach blah, blah, blah..."

Then there is the surfer side of me. He's thinking "this is pretty lame"

I’ve made my own leashes in a completely old school “DaKine” rip off.  Take some good strong, rope, ("S get some fishing swivels (Same as used in current leashes - Tuna swivels, but I prefer the loop type 'cuz they have more movement than just turning), and, here’s the “leashy” part, get some heavy duty bungy cord and make a little loop for stretch, put your rail saver on the loop…   I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Don’t know if this qualifies but, we used to repair broken leashes with (very) thin parachute cord, and shrink tube.


Make a loop in the leash cord, Put at least 3 wraps around the loop’s tail with the paracute cord and tie it off (more wraps, more secure. Just don’t go overboard!). Cut shrink wrap about 1/4 - 1/2" longer than the loop; slide it over the loop, leaving the eye of the loop open. Carefully (without melting teh leash!) shrink the tubing around the loop. Use the rest of the parachute cord to tie leash to rail saver.


In a pinch, the parachute cord alone works, if tied properly - I still have a field repaired leash in my trunk as a spare, the knot has never slipped!



Well  - If you just want to repair a leash, just melt it back together…  I use to have a leash I’d melted back together a dozen times… Never broke on a repair.

Melt the leash? Really ? thats great thinking, I woulda thought it would be a weak point but Im certainly going to try that tip next time !! My leashes tend to rot before they snap.

 So just a bit of an overall melt on each end over the gas stove and hold together...???

 Thanks to TaylorO.

I use a candle, takes bit-o-heat to get it going, and you wanna make sure both ends are fully on fire/melting, then push 'em together, blow out the fire, and hold it still for a minute or two.  Blow on it a to speed up cooling. And, do not let the molten urethane drip on your skin… Ha!

 Why wouldnt I let molten urethane drip onto my skin ? Wouldnt it be less of a fire hazard if I did this process naked ? And sitting down for stability ?

 What could possibly go wrong ?

Thanks for the step by step TaylorO, I was thinking of doing a more superficial, minimal melt process. Most appreciated.

And youve saved me money for years to come.

Then if the leash repair goes badly…you have the tools on hand to get mad and torch the ####er!

Sorry…been reading to much surfermag forum.

Hahahaha!!!  Well, it happened to me, so, you know, just sayin’… Ha! But you do want the full on duel molten ends going.

As for your body board, you should get in touch with Dale S. of mat fame, and see if you can get him to share about his tri-plane hulls of yore…  Still far beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for the melt instructions, TaylorO.  I’ve tried befor, but’ like Doc, I didn’t get it hot enough (being seated and naked at the time - I looked at the cord, looked down, looked at the cord, looked down…and decided a new leash was the better option!).

I liked the old style rope/swivel leashes - still repair mine that way .  I now have a few short leashes - no good for surfing, but great bungee cords for the racks.

Any leads on buying yards of urethane?