How to prepare a planer for sale

Hi all, I’m not a surfer or shaper, I’m a reseller of nice items. I have recently acquired a Skil model 100 7.5 amp.It came with 2 blades (which are toast) but it has 3 blade slots. I understand that this planer is used in the surfboard industry for shaping. Since I plan to sell it, should I put new blades in it or should I let the buyer do that? I’m good with tools but after watching a few YouTubes on blade changing, I think I would rather sell it without blades.

What would be the best venue for selling it? Does this board have a classified section or should I go to eBay?

Thanks for any help or advice. Regards, Jim

Most likely anyone who would buy it with intent to use it, would swap out blades pretty easily.  Of course it is worth more with a set of blades.   But it is dangerous to install blades without aligning them properly and making damned sure they are in there tight.   There is an alignment jig that is attached to the bottom of the planer to insure alignment.  Without that jig it is pretty hard to install blades properly.  Either place; Sways or EBay, will work for listing.   Don’t over price.  They have gone down in price the last 2–3 years.  Takes longer to sell them these days.   Everybody that hand shapes has already got a Skil, Hitachi or Makita planer of their choice.   

Or three or four or five.  ;^}

Never seen a Skil 100 with 3 blades.  Post a photo of what you’ve got and I’ll estimate a price (if the motor is OK).


Ditto.  I kinda skipped over that, but was thinking I would really like to see a pic of that.  If that is true, he’s got a rare bird that could be worth some big $$$$.   But not likely.  

Here are the photos The planer base near the blade holders is not nearly as knarly as tt looks in the photos

The line cord is a little ragged but it comes with a brand new linecord and cord grip

The paper in the box is a complete manual. It’s quite ugly but it is complete and readable.

As you have probably already noticed, I was wrong about the 3 blades. Just 2.

Thanks for any information. Jim

You might get $350 for that one if you’re lucky on eBay.  For me its about the search.  I have three Skil 100 planers and each is in better condition that that one and  I’ve got less than $200 into them COMBINED.  The nicest one which was in like new condition when I got it I paid $20 for.

This one I have the most money into and it is my favorite to use.  Paid $10 for the planer at a yardsale.  Paid $40 for a replacement cutter head and another $40 for the turbo-chute.  I’ve since replaced the cord, belt and bearings which combined was about another $40.





Nice find. I think you could get $550-700 on ebay. You’ll get more for selling it with blades than with it missing the blades. The blades are actually easy to replace and sounds like you have the instruction book that will tell you how to do it. Some people resharpen the blades but they are inexpensive to purchase:

Very rough (and dirty).  Real value depends on the motor condition, should be less than 3.5 amps no load.   This model (late Type 4) was the most produced and frankly isn’t as good as the older ones due to the motor version.   Obviously it can’t be reliably used for shaping as-is without going through everything.  It appears that it wasn’t ever used for shaping which is a big plus.  The spare parts, accessories, box, etc. don’t add any value to a real shaper who views this tool as an extension of his arm.     Yes, you could get $500 or more as-is from some novice or wannabe on ebay if you only want the resale margin.  Please keep in mind that this particular tool is much more than a dollar amount to the people on this forum, so take our collective input accordingly. 

So to answer your original question on prepping this for resale (if the motor tests OK), it would need the following installed (not just supplied):  Cord, blades, bearing set, maybe brushes and/or belt.  You’ll need to clean up the cutter head and housings and adjust the shoe for easy movement.  In the course of doing all this, you may find problems such as bearing fits, bent or broken parts, etc.  that will need to be addressed.   Bag up the rusty accessories, clean up the box, and clean one of those rusty blade adjustment jigs.  See examples in the marketplace for pricing on fully restored/overhauled Skil’s;  pricing is higher right now as some of ads are quite old.

OK??  So where is the third blade??

Thank you petec, I’m going to follow these suggestions. The new line cord and belt will probably add more value installed than just thrown in the box.You won’t be surprised when you see the “after” photos, especially the bottom.


Tiny counting error on my part :slight_smile:

Please check your PM.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. A few minor medical issues slowing me down, but all is well.

I have made a little progress with the cleanup, but it’s not ready to show yet. 

I did think, however, that you would all be interested in a report on the current measurements. it’s running in the vacinity of 3.4A. Here’s a picture.


Hi everyone. Well, I finally got my model 100 to market. Since the year and a half gap since my last post, we’ve moved from Jacksonville FL to Muskogee OK USA (and yes, I’m proud, thank you Merle Haggard)

I’ve got it on eBay

Thank you for all the help in getting it ready. I did all the stuff you guys suggested. Check out the auction listing and why not throw in a bid while you are at it :grinning:

Best regards, Jim