how to protect the rails from the paddle.. sup question +pic's

hi all,

I read over the net that there is some kind of elastic band you put on

the paddle’s edge to protect the rail.

well, I can’t get the original and I would like to know

what are my options to make one ( rail saver) by myself and what are the ways to attach it to the


thanks in advance,



the paddle’s leading edge is about 3-4 mm thick and its lightly rounded.


Easiest i can think of is to stick duck tape on in thin stripes… you prob have that in your house somewhere. You can even taper it, with wider and thinner stripes, cut it away etc…

or buy glue and some sort of foam that you preshape, or shape after.

you have 1000 possibilities. maybe more.

btw, are your rails that sensitive, or is your paddle that hard? is it metal, that paddle?


Aloha Lee J,

There are a number of various products available for edge guards. Most of the local surf shops here sell them (at least here on Maui). If you can’t find any where you reside contact Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport in Maui and they will mail it to you. It’s a rubberized self-stick edging that is pulled around the perimiter of the blade.

Interesting site for general satand up info:

Hope that helps. Enjoy the ride.


I got some plastice paddle edging from they sell the stuff by the foot @ $1.50/ft they mention the stuff at the bottom of the referenced page.

I was not able to find it in the web store so I called them and they sold me the edging

Worked fine for me.


Use Mastik tape from Home Depot or Lowes. Cut it to 1/2" wide and wrap it around your blade edge. Once you’ve been doing SUP for awhile you’ll refne your stroke so you don’t bang your rails so much. Get in some flat water time and work at it.

Maybe try stickin that paddle somewhere the sun do’nt shine!! Seriously guy’s,a craft designed purely to catch more waves!! Maybe ok for use as core training,or surfing ocean swells,but really just a standup “Goatboat”.Just my own opinion,not necessarily right but im sure plenty others agree.

how to protect the ocean from an sup?

Do what they do on tug boats.

Hang tyres around the rails.



Wot if we sink em?they would probly make a great artificial reef?

I heard the best and cheapest stuff is the automotive door edge protectors. Comes in different colors and has the adhesive applied. Very easy to wrap around the edges and available at most auto stores.

neighbor uses the rubber ‘tool dip’ material…eastwood is the manufacturer, I think.

the type of stuff you dip your wrench handle in to get that rubber coating.

thanks all for the advice,

i’ll check all of your ideas and see if i can find somt’.

silverbak, well… I tried to shove it where you told me and it seems to go all the way in

but i’m having trouble with the T-handle. any idea? maybe some kind of lubricant? 10x.

Hey lee,try t end first?Oh,and KYjelly should provide enough lube!!Maybe you need sum help?Ask at your local,im sure there would be plenty of volunteer’s!!

How about dispensing with the paddle all together and attaching an outboard motor to the back of the board?