How to remove Ultra Deck ( clear slipcheck )

I purchased a new Bing DNN that has never been ridden. However, the original owner put Ultrdeck or, a clear slipcheck on the nose. What would be some of my options in removing this product without damaging this board? Thanks

Goof off will do it ,but expect a sticky,gooie mess.(Sanding in the next best option)…use orange cleaner to finish the process.

Herb, my condolences to the loss of your best friend Shelby. Thanks for the information! If the product is ElGripo instead of Ultradeck, will the same approach work? Thanks again.

Howzit Herb, Sorry about your dog those heelers are great dogs, Are you going to get another. My brother lost his gold lab about a year ago and at first he said no more dogs til his son got him another lab, treats it like a human even has it’s own sofa to lie on.Aloha,kokua


treats it like a human even has it’s own sofa to lie on.

awwww…same with my puppy…

in fact, probably the same with everyone’s puppy. i should really teach him how to surf!

Mine would stay up all night if she had to, to make sure the kids are safe. We hear her nails clicking on the wood floors all night - she naps, and sniffs at the boys every couple hours to make sure they’re sleeping. Same thing when camping…

Yes,but it is not as effective, if it was put on thick…it will work.

Thanks folks,

Sorry for crying out loud about it,just hurts a bit, I guess…dogs are great…God is Great!