How to Remove

I bought a used longboard recently that at some point had anti-slip strips or pads of some kind over 2/3 of the deck. Although these had been removed before I bought the board, there are sections of transparent plastic adhesive film remaining on the deck. I want to remove it, but am not having any success with various methods tried. Not sure what this stuff is. Any suggestions?

Lacquer thinner and a respirator will take it right off.

I’ll give that a try.  Thanks.

I removed an old stomp pad once and even with lacquer thinner it was a lot of tedious scraping, man that glue was stubborn! Seemed like it took forever.

Heat gun and a razor blade.

try WD40 works great at removing sticky mess glue residue from old signs on the doors of trucks and cars Like the kind the Real Estate agents up on their Cars. Clean the area spray on Wd40 let soak in use an old credit card to scrape off then clean area again.



Differant thinners work on differant adhesives.  DNA might work better.  If not try Acetone or Paint Thinner.  Lowel

I would suggest try different ones and see what works best. Never test something new on the board that you usually use. 

It’s usually a 3M grip tape product, very good adherence, very tought removal.  I use heat, window razor, and sometimes a glue solvent like others have mentioned.  Just takes time.  If you have some very sticky tape like duct tape, you can use it to stick down on the stuff and then use that to lift off some of it.

Goo Gone pro. Get it at Walmart. It’s that orange oil stuff. Spray it on. Walk away for 15-20 mins. Come back and start taking it off. Kind of a gummy mess, but gets the job done for sure. Works great. If need, spray a little extra, wait another 15-20 and resume. It’ll start to roll off easy. Clean up with alcohol. Good luck!

Guaranteed to work, but not recommended… xylene. I use it to clean off the spray glue I use on my probox install kits. I’ve used it on boards, but it will eat through EPS and XPS foam like a hot knife in soft butter. Ask me how I know.

Whatever solvent or softener you use, there’s mucho scraping involved.  The adhesive is really double sided tape, so when you pull off the pad the tape stays and that’s what you’re scraping off.  Once you get all of the tape off, there’s still melted adhesive residue from the solvent which has to be wiped with more solvent several times.  Once it’s clean, give it a final wipe with acetone before you put the new pad on.  Use a piece of  PVC pipe to roll the new one down.