How to seal a board that has been painted with paint pen

So I just got a board back from an artist that did some hawaiin tribal art. I wasn’t able to find a posca pen so I got this arylic paint pen from an art store. The salesmen knew that that pen had been used on surfboards but now I’m having trouble sealing or putting a layer of something to protect it. I went to west marine and all they had was this varnish and when I did a test spot on the board I was able to wipe away the paint pen. So then I went to michaels craft store and got this kyron clear spray enamel and when I did a test spot of this stuff I was able to wipe away the ink again and also I think it dessolved some of the paint. If anyone can give me some advise on how to protect the paint pen art I’d really appreciate it.


I have used krylon crytal clear. triple thick i think they call it on the can. gloss finish, and you can scuff it up once it is COMPLETELY dry with a scotchbrite pad(i do green). good luck. i don’t know if you used the same stuff, but it has worked for me.

Krylon clea coat should work. Do a few coats to get a good layer over it as astevens said.

Here’s a picture in case any wants to see it. I can’t tell you how stoked I am on how it turned out

"Secret Sauce"  aka  low lustre sealer by Behr.  Sold at Home Depot.  No spray.  Wipe it on.

try artist's     Clear Matte Finish

it what you spray over chalk drawings to seal it

dry's dull then you can gloss

I guess you should just be able to do what others have mentioned but at least do the first coat as a fog coat

let that dry before doing the next coats

First off it disturbs me that either you are applying shit on your surfboard either in your house...or worse, you have wool berber carpet in your garage. I can't decide which one is freaking me out more?  So my senses tell me you are a anal freak, and want it done right..or I should say show room quality?


Now on to the issue. from one anal freak to another. This is my recommendation: The other option above work great and are valid, but if you want shiny..and I think you want shiny..I can tell you freak.  Go get a can of UPOL#1, maybe get 2 if you feel really shiny. UPOL is a 2pak automotive rattle can of urathene spray, it's high build, high gloss, fast drying, and tough as poly gloss.. and idiot proof. Spray it on, let it dry, rub it out with 500 grit to get any orange peel from you way too fast moving spray technique, and buff out with compound. it will be shiny.

Or if you have access to a sprayer go get Slick and Quick, it too is a 2pak urathene finish, except a lot cheaper, something like $30 for a quart. 1 quart will spray about 4-5 long boards top & bottom...depending on your spray technique.  same applys, spray it on, let it kick, rub it out a bit, then polish.

below is UPOL over epoxy:

Speed egg3


And this is Slick n Quick over epoxy:


One more thing, stop whiping the board when it's wet.  Even if you spray water on it, it will wipe away..Spray the stuff, then let it dry...quit poking at it.

Here's some advice when spraying. Fog the first coat, Fog meaning light and kind of oversprayish, let it set up. Now you have something for the next coat to bind & bond too, something with a bit of texture, like 800 grit paper.  This will keep the next coat from sagging. Next coat should be a well flooded but light coat. if you are a good sprayer you can stop there. If not so good then sand lightly with 500 grit, hit it again with a full coat of product.  Keep doing this until you feel you have a thick enough coat to rub out. 

This seems like a lot of work..its not, the flash coat takes about 6 mins to dry, and the second coat sets up in about 15 mins, with a rubbout at about 1 hr.


Just don't lay it on so thick. Too thick and it will be 24 hrs or more to cure, and you'll be rubbing out sag lines all over the place..Just like a bad poly gloss.


By the way...Here is my favorite "Board Seal", or I should say seal on a board.




Resinhead, or whatever you want to be called…

Good advice man!

I love the fog coat tip, never heard that one before





resinhead you are a secret knowledge god behind the computer screen, thanks for telling me about U-POL.

nice seal painting did you paint that yourself?

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