How to tell if your S.A is bad?

Hi all,

Sorry this is a bumb question,

I’ve bought some wax in styrine and its been sitting around for a couple months, when I checked it, it’s still clear but thicker than i would have expected, even when i heated it up a bit does’nt flow and is more a gel then a liquid, as I’ve only handled the premixed stuff, is all as it should be??? will it mix into the lam resin ok, or is it bad.

If it is bad, I could add a little syryne to the mix but what consistance should I aim for.


Howzit wwdy, Youe S.A. is starting to go bad for sure next it will become a solid mass. You could try adding styrene to bring it back to a more liquid state. But I’ve even seen styrene end up a solid mass also. Aloha,Kokua

Kokua is right, it is going bad. There seems to be some dfference in styrene. I have some S.A. I have had for years. But I have had styrene go off in short time. You can keep some polyester around for a long time before it hardens and other polyester has a short shelf life. My guess is that it is the styrene that kicks it off.

Thanks guys,

Not really what I was hoping to hear, as that how it was sold to me!

but does confirmed my suspisions, so glad I didn’t just go a head and use it, dread to think what my glass job would have turned out like.

every thing else is in goodcondition. I think for the sake of a few quid i’ll just order some more (from a different source) when I order a blank.