How was this color done...

AND, could I do something similar with a foamstain?

I got something very similar. This was in the lam with RR kwik kick and pigments.

Here’s a video of me doing the lam from a go pro on my head.

I used red darkened with a bit of black and white. All the other colors were made by the resin mixing in the buckets or on the board. It’s not as yellow looking in real life, the white balance was just really bad on that shot. It’s more like this.

So maybe if you use dark red and pink, you’ll get something like you posted instead of the whites I have. 

It was probably a red and a white pour. Pulled the red through the white and got the white dirty.  Or a red pour and a slight red and white swirl pour. 

Im sure you could get something similar with a foam stain. 

Having done it both ways

Lam’s and foam stains.

I perfer foam stain.

Just the trick of spliting at the rail to get full board.

BTW nice to see that logo!

Randy does killer work!

Foam stain are far less stress

and allows a little more freedom.

“do what you know and don’t be slow” JH


I will check your video when I get a minute Dr.Zoidberg.

Mattywho, I want the color to wrap the rails so, I guess the foam stain is out…

I have 2 boards to glass. I have white pigment (not tint) and blue pigment (not tint).

Using Resin Research Epoxy…

Here is what I am thinking:

Mix up some white resin and some blue resin.

Pour streaks with the white resin first then come back with the blue streaks.

Let them settle in a little. 10 minutes maybe. Pull any excess out.

Then come back and lam with clear to fill in the “blanks”.

How does that sound?

After looking at the board again, what about NO white pigmented resin and just do the blue and the clear?

I work with PU, 10 minutes seems a bit long

I think things should be simular using epoxy.

You should know,

that what ever color hits the foam first is how it will come out, yeah?

I have been taping off at the rail, doing the color and repeat for the other side without tape and try to blend at the joint.

Works O.K.

then clear lamination.


Right on Matt!

I’m gonna give it a go.

Will post the results.

Mattwho is that video yours, or of you? Funny if it is, because I watched that several times before I did mine as I liked the results you got there and wasn’t quite sure on what to do at first. Show’s the process nicely. So if that is you thanks for making that.

Checked a few U tube videos

saved the good ones


really had to that a double check and look for the least plug… LOL

Nice stuff, BTW

A few Dixie cups

some color

What fun!


Quality color work can be done with RR epoxy resin. The Helment Head vid is bad. The foam stain vid id OK if you want bland…Chris can do better. Like this.