Hows the quad?

I’m thinking about buying a performance quad like stretch’s bat-tail that Nathan Fletcher rides. I live in VB so it will have to be good in small surf. And I want something that can turn on a dime, any suggestions?

call austin…he can do anything.

I actually just got a mantis egg from him. He is a great shaper but I’ve never seen him do any performance quad shapes?

neither have i…hence the second part of my previous statement.

a talented shaper is just that. he sees the board inside the foam, and makes it come alive.

austin may be inspired by classic logs and eggs, and resin work that’ll make your jaw drop, but that doesn’t mean he can’t whip out a hi-pro potato chip. besides, word on the street is that he’s looking to expand the shortboarding end of his surf team. sounds like people who can ride a hi-pro shorty well is just what he’s looking for…so wouldn’t it go to reason that he could shape them a board to make their surfing come alive?

You got me there…

I’m still not sure what I want in a quad so if anybody can advise me on dimensions and fins.