Hull moovs

I grabbed some frames off those David Lloyd clips at – moves i thought were wery cool.

Let’s hear it.

Grab 1: To the uninitiated, its just a photo of a kook ready to fall on his ass. To those in the know its about committing to the rail and trusting the design. An unbelievably difficult move. Oh to be able to surf like Steve K…

Can you give us a link to the video, please ?

I want to see if that fellow falls off or not :wink:

yeah, Lee. in grab 1 he brings that baby right around nice. but in the clip it fades into another shot, so i didn’t grab it. That’s the thing i’m most impressed with in these clips. The way he/they stand forward on the board and just bring it around … full tilt. also there looks to be a floater move there.


I have seen that footage…best hull footage I have seen…anyone know who the surfers are?


I think they are all Steve Krajewski but KP would know for sure. I think they were shot between 1969-1973. There is some b&w stuff of Andy Davis, Steve and Kirk on shorter boards in some shin-thigh high Malibu that is stunning. I think that was the more recent vintage footage Dave shot.


those shots are impressive.

i like the track/wake on #2.

can somebody please post a link to the vid

or what words to search for?

I believe that is Mickey Dora in about the middle of the 5th clip (the third rider starting about 1/3 in). You can tell by his arm and body moves.


Steve Krajewski reminds me of a mix between 60’s Dora and 70’s Gerry Lopez surfing Pipe. Bitchen smooth style!



I’ve been going back and checking those clips out for over a year now

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Love those.

I believe the 5th frame is GL himself.

all those pics posted above are steve k…suicide cutbacks dirt style!

yeah that shot 3, thats where the whole flex load and unload come into play, thats where you feel the board load up and fling you back in to the slot with more speed than which you went into the turn. its an awesome but seldom felt situation, on my limitied hull experience it takes alot to do it right. thanks lee!

well i believe in the 4th pic above it is A.D… not dirt.the rest are steve k. yes, in clip 5, that is dora on a more standard issue board of the day-

U R Correct Mr Miller! Miki was riding a Robbie Dick , Natural Progression at the time.

OK… WOW!!!

those vids are amazing… what film are they from or just shorts?

incredible style…

how would I shape a board like that for a girl 5’5", 43kg, intermediate skill level…

would totally suit her style…



they are pieces from a collection of home movies…

I think you and she would have an easier time of it if you shaped her a flat-bottomed egg, like

EDIT: Actually, I don’t that these aren’t round-bottomed–I’d almost bet they are, considering the house–I like the outlines–somebody else probably knows if these are quasi-hullish-esque