hull rails/bevel

Im about to start my first displacment hull. its going to be 7’6 x 21 x 2 7/8. kind of a eggy pin shape. im 6’5 180 and between beginner/intermedit (if that matters). my question is what kind of bevel is in the nose and tail. i know the rails are pretty neutrel around the middle but does the nose or tail have a higher or lower then netrel bevel?also i was wondering if you could possibly post i profile view from nose, tail and middle so i can get a grip on the rail as well as roll of the deck and bottom(i will try to attach one below just as an example). i really appriciate it! thanks!

It isn’t a displacement hull but similar rails to what you might be after.  2 1/2" wide at its widest and about 31/16 bevel out of flat.  It tapered to no bevel at about 2’ up from the tail.  When sanding, make sure you don’t roll across the break, but keep the edge.  I did a hard tuck/ chine too.  No concave at all.


Really stable and fast.  It won’t snap a turn, but oh what a glide.

Thanks for the info. glide is what im going for with this one. similar shape to what im going for as well. looks good. thanks again