huntington hop

over the top

OUCH! Too ugly to comment. Waves like that I would be on a mat a flying with minimal input from me.

Surely this guy is just having a laugh.

I think all 3 of you are correct

Can’t be sure he’s joking, seen waaaay too many people so this in what appears to be an attempt to gain speed or an inability to do any other manouver

Joking? Sadly, I think the guy is for real. Firmly in the grip of the belief that he is ‘‘surfing.’’


I’ll bet that if this guy creases his board from all that pumping, he’ll go to the shop he bought it from and complain that the board is shit.
I think he’s fooling around making fun of someone he may have seen.
I like to do silly poses and muck it up when I surf with my brother. Stinkbug squat, Quasimodo, parallel stance. Tubesteak would be proud. Surfing is about having fun. Style is subjective. I’d bet a lot of people watching that guy on that wave had a good laugh.

and the hop begat
the hydrofoil bounce
and the inmates
and the asylum
veered away
from classical grace
of 'surfing’as was ‘known’

see the relationship with the hydrofoil
no paddle sustained propultion
technique.It struck me cold when watching
the kai lenny vid at t-peaks…?
the h- hop will n’er go away
bad habits never die.
and phil said: corky , ride a bigger board,
it will smoothe out your style.
heavy boards make riders
study technique… and forsake malaprop

Very well said, Mr. Curry, very well said.