Hurricane Danielle and a crowded line up " graphic pics "

headgash.jpg picture by tjrm63headgashnewbandage.jpgheadgashrashguard.jpgheadgashrashguardpapertowel.jpgheadgashoperation.jpgheadgashmidoperation.jpgheadgashallsewnup.jpgNothing like getting hit in the head with a board to ruin your surf session

I saw a guy in New Smyrna with a VERY similar wound. Apparently he ran for about half a mile to get to the lifeguard station. Saw the blood literally squirt out the side of his head.

Hope you recover soon.

Ouch! I’ve taken to wearing a Gath helmet when surfing some of the reefs around here, but I think I’m more in danger of being hit by a stray board than the reef itself. Heal quickly.

Praying for your quick recovery. I have a buddy that had almost the same cut over his right ear about a month ago. Same deal except it was his own board. Leash snapped back and fin caught him. On a brighter note it looks like we will have surf for a while with the freight train of storms that we have in the Atlantic.

Get well soon.



P.S. Your boards are sick!

nice! pic # 4 is epic! that should be posterized on your shop wall!

too bad it looks like it's gonna keep you out of the water tho

What’s the story?

I suppose we will hear the story when he comes out of the coma.

So make sure your next board has a needle nose, edgy rails and nice sharp fins, the more the better.

I've driven my brother to the hospital three times (Rocky Point, Ehukai and Backdoor) and myself once (Honolii).  Damages were from my or my brother's boards, three times out of four. Have to also admit I have kissed the bottom in various ways also, but never to the extent of a trip to the emergency room.

Guess (hope?) some will take a moment to think of the consequences when it comes time to make or order their next stick.

Ouch… just looking at those pics makes me feel like passing out!

Damn Tom!

Hope you heal up quick, that wound is no joke.

Plenty of beer will dull the pain.

Take care




That looks like more of an Everclear injury to me!  Tequila at least…

Your local spot can get pretty nasty between the crowds and the rocks.  At least now you have an excuse to stay off the ladder and in the shaping bay for a few days!

Hey Tom,

Sorry to see you in that condition. Hope you heal up soon.