HVLP Airbrush for Painting Blank?

I have the Harbor Freight HVLP Gravity fed airbrush kit that I use to spray Resin X UV Clear: http://www.harborfreight.com/air-tools/paint/professional-automotive-hvlp-spray-gun-kit-94572.html

Couple of basic questions:

Will this gun work to just spray some paint stripes on a shaped PU blank?

If so, should I use the smaller of the two guns?

Do I just use the tempera poster paint from Michaels, thinned out with water?


Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Just want to tape/mask off some areas for yellow and black stripes.


Thanks very much.


The gun works great for spraying paint, grab some little bottles of paint in the craft section of Wal Mart mix one bottle of paint to 3/4 same bottle of water, pour in the gun don't change the gun settings and spray away. Use the 233 tape on the foam, spray a couple coats let dry spray a couple more, when it dries you will see if it covered enough or you need more coats, let dry spray the matte finish acrylic to seal the paint, at least 6 coats the more the better . Tom

Thanks, Tom.

Just to be sure, 6 coats of acrylic clear spray over the paint before I glass?

Jamie, don't dust the coats on, spray them so they look wet. make sure you over lap on to the white foam, use the whole can to be on the safe side. you want the paint completely sealed so there are no runs, when in doubt spray on more and make sure it is dry before glassing. Show some pics when done

Be warned that cheap paints do not hold up well in extended exposure to direct sunlight.  If this does not matter then go for it.  And I have that gun it puts out a lot of matrial. not the best tool for detail work