HVLP Spraying surfboard?

I am going to HVLP spray my board, what type of paint should I put in it or should I do something else to paint it?

I assume you are painting on the foam. Any good acrylic paint will work. Hobbie or craft stores sell it.

Thin it with water.

Barry Snyder

Use water based acrylic paint. It should be just thin enough to drip off a stir stick at a regular drop, drop, drop. Some water based acrylics are sold in liquid form. You may have to thin them a little. Some are sold as paste, like Liquitex, which I like. They have to be thinned with distilled water. If you use the paste, start with the paste, and add a little water, then stir, stir, stir until the paste has not lumps, then add a little more water. Repeat until you get the correct consistancy.

I like Liquitex for the selection of colors and the fact that the colors don’t fade. There are other good brands out there. The best source is an art store.

What spray gun do you have? A small detail gun works well. Also a larger spray gun will work if it’s fairly good quality. It’s good to familiarize yourself with the knobs to help you control air to paint mixtures and fan widths, which will help you with the various possibilities for spray size, paint saturation, and paint dot size.