HWS Noserider Templates, Thoughts?

After marveling at Mr. Jensen’s surfboards along with many others, I have decided to give HWS a go using Mr. Jensen’s method. (Thank you for the DVD, I really do appreciate it) Here are some templates I created for an 8’ noserider, keep in mind these don’t compensate for the build out of rails, etc. These are just templates of what the finished board shape would be. I have shortboarded all my life and really have no clue about longboarding so I just scaled down some dims of a Hobie Performance Noserider and came up with these. Any insight would be appreciated.



I like #1#2 … seems odd to me. Would be an experiment … you could be disappointed or thrilled. #1 is more for sure.

number 2 does look a little odd, definately dont want to build a shape that I could be dissapointed with, thanks for the input.

Snap10: One thing I did note is that the rocker is a bit extreme. The board will push a lot of water the way it is. Looks like a standard shortboard rocker?

        Plus the outline doesn't flow?  

I can offer you some numbers to help with your project.

Spending money on materials to make a board can be costly.

I hate to see anyone waste money.

For a 9’0 to 9’4

Nose rocker 4" (+ or -)

Tail rocker 3 1/4" to 3 1/2"

Nose 18.5"

Width 22 1/2" 3 - 5" forward of center for a modern longboard 1 - 5" back from center for a more classic style (1963)

Tail 14 Modern Longboard - (15 - 16") Classic or Nose rider

With 50/50 rails you need to be thicker in the center otherwise you can make a thinner longboard with a down rail 60/40 +

HPLB = Single Box with side bites 6" rake with GL side bites

Classic = Single Box or Glasson (Wide Based)

Nose rider = Glasson

Hope that helps as a starting point?


8’0 x 22 x 2 3/4"

17 3/4 nose

14 1/2 tail

Just an Ideal average to work with.

It’s all formula. Whatever works for you!

The same rocker applies as stated above.

I really appreciate the numbers surfding,I have shortboarded all my life and have no clue about longboarding so your info really does help me out alot! Here is a template with your numbers used, looks really good! Mind if I give it a shot? Thanks alot!

That’s definitely an improvement.

I am also a shortboarder but I ride everything. Like a set of golf clubs I have a quiver. Ride the board to fit the conditions.

The board you are planning on making is very useful. I ride a 7’10 mini mal at scorpion bay when it’s 2 feet and reeling.

I pull out my 6’3 thruster when it 6 foot and firing.