HWS, wings, and 5200

so as a broke-ass grad student, I was thinking I would try my hand at making what I can’t afford to buy. But since my time is almost as limited as my money, I have come to ask the oracles about some ideas before I spend the time on a board that’ll self-destruct after a week.

so, anybody ever use a lap joint, with or without a spacer, in the rail band to put a wing in a HWS? Any advantages in the ride? I figured it’d let me straighten the outline and pull some width back towards the tail (speed), while bringing the tail in and creating a pivot point for more versatility in Outer Banks beachbreaks. Gonna be cliche and try for a Lis fish shape- single-foiled, barely toed-in keels, pinch the rails just a bit, all the goodies.

Also, what would happen if I used 5200 Quickset instead of PU glue for everything (keel, ribs, and planking)? Flex? bonding? more or less durability over time? or it it too flexible to hold a rocker?




I have used PU glue on my last two boards for most of the internal work and rails, its held up great on the fish 8 months of surfing including 5 month trip… PU glue like gorillia glue or sellys sets fast and is dead easy to work with, dont know anything about the quick set.

The way you are proposing to do you wings should work, My next board is a good chance been a stinger fish like you mentioned. thinking of something along these lines.


You could use it to tack fins with as long as you glassed over them,but it costs more $$$ to use 5200.Most people these days use hotmelt to tack fins.

Some quick set epoxy would do the job…5mim. or the 30 sec stuff if you’re quick.Just a dot at the front edge of the fin and a dot on the trailing edge.Take up any excess glue before it hardens.Herb

I designed my first Sting/rocketfish in 75…looked just like that one,almost to a tee.

Mine was shaped by Rick McHale and glassed by Les Proiner.

They go great frontside…but I couldn’t get it to work at all backside,It would just keep slipping out…there was one day on a high tide push I got it to work backside,but it took effort.Herb