hydro flying fish

Saw this on ebay today… I don’t think it would work… but very interesting


EBAY the acronym…




yuseless ?

[okay I cheated a bit, but unless I’d admitted it, I bet a lot ? of people may not have even noticed the speeling mistake eh ?]


I don’t know? might be on to something. Those bolt on whatyamacallitz just might be the release in a high speed turn I’ve been looking for. I think the nut & bolt combo might break the laminar flow off the fin just at the right speed. I really like the smooth fish shape. I think I’ll buy it, and try it out in Hawaii for a first surf. Maybe some easier surf like 2x OH Velzyland or Gas Chambers. Once i get it dialed in, maybe I’ll give Horan a run for his money at the Bay on his 5’6" McCoy freak show.


Went to Surf-n-Sea Haleiwa this weekend to inquire about the Sprout DVD and the new FCS H2’s and saw a new FCS back fin that looks like a version of that front fin except the top two hydro tips are smaller and in red…

Looks weird but what the hell I might give it a go and try it on my RP Parmenter 9’0" that unfortunately came setup as an FCS thruster. Might combo it with some Webber CRV sides…

Someone has to keep Chipfish amused…

Anyway terrible death to a nice fish… The owner should have some wings bolted to themselves…

Is this the infamous Hydro-Paipo?


……Is this the infamous Hydro-Paipo?

I suspect that you are making reference to my “HYPO board” (i.e. HYdrofoil paiPO board)? If so, then this is not it (I’ll e-mail you a pic of the latter for future reference).

[An aside: In a sudden burst of interest, the number of people who have now ridden the HYPO board nearly tripled during this past swell in S Cal–including four sessions each (spread over the best two days) by a pair of expert, new school, college-age, surfers.]

A couple of comments about the “70’s experimental flying fish”…

  1. Note the lack of fair surfaces (especially where the L-shaped side “foil” plates join the vertical fins/keels/struts). This lack can be expected to substantially increase parasitic drag, as well as leading to ventilation of the foil surfaces.

  2. The shallow depth of the foils, lack of fair surfaces, and operation on the sloping face of a wave means that the foils will most likely be fully ventilated when traversing across the face of a wave. This, in turn, means that they will be acting primarily as planing surfaces, rather than fully submerged hydrofoils.

At small angles-of-attack for the horizontal foils (i.e. angles less than the stall angle for the fully submerged foil), the lift per unit angle of attack of a planing surface is roughly one-half that of a fully-submerged foil of equal aspect ratio, planform, and area. This means that if the foils are the only source of support for the weight of the rider and board (probably not true as the shallow depth means that the hull will probably also be in contact with the sea surface on the wave side of the craft when traversing across the face of the wave), their angle-of-attack while supporting the craft and rider will be approximately double that of a fully-submerged foil. Since the induced drag (the complement to the parasitic drag and a substantial component of the total drag) varies as the square of the angle-of-attack, this means that these foils will probably have at least four times the drag of equal sized and identical planform, fully-submerged foils).

Hence the benefits (if any) of the use of these hydrofoils to assist, either fully, or partially, in supporting the combined weight of the rider and board will be substantially reduced in comparison with foils with a better hydrodynamic design.


Howzit oneula, Actually FCS says that the H2's for the rail fins and the red wing fin for the center is a really good set-up. Aloha,Kokua

Rezhead…hey I’d like to see the look on the locals faces when you show up at Gas Chamber with that board… ;=)

Chip man dude…You’re at Barnacle statis level… woe


Those fcs rear fins you mentioned are new to fcs but in the mid to late 80’s they were very popular and came in a box set up. Saw a photo of deep Parkinson with one in an issue of surfing world ( eagle island ). Had one on a vosper 5’10" shaped by Glenn Jones (rip) think it worked ok. they came out as a throw off to the star fin.

nice reply MTB!

Hey Resinhead and oneula, though I do agree its sad someone is trying to make a buck off of that old beast of a prototype, think positive maybe somebody long ago learned something in the true swaylocks spirit from it through honest/naive experimentation.

Maybe instead of dark sarcasm you both should stick to regurgitating tired old resin and glass ratios!

Good waves to you all,


A smart alec kid :slight_smile:


Chip man dude…You’re at Barnacle statis level… woe


statis being the operative word…or is that ‘stasis’ ??

barnacles…clinging on for dear life…waiting to be hosed down, or scraped off…is that a tartan man I see lurking in the ocean of scrubbings ??


SOMEONE has to keep chippy amused, indeed …usually myself…I could say I play with myself quite happily nowadays, but I guess that could mean…

 Howzit chipfish61, Barnacle in 4 months, get in the shop, you're spending to much time online. Start using all the great info here to make some nice boards. You do post some nice pics. Aloha,Kokua

…“the shop” ?? … Are you offering me a job , Kokua ?

’ Make some boards ’ …Oh, okay then !.. Your wish is my command, Kokua !

Poor Hicksy and his patient wife Jo will be receiving a visit soon, as I commence [?“work” ?] shaping the 6’9 stringerless…

THEN, spare her, the dogs, the kids , asphyxiation by polyester , as I attempt my next butchery job. [ Epoxy laminating a polyurethane blank, with possible tint[s] / sprays / streaks/ whatever ].

I appreciate your encouragement Kokua, thanks !

… Really, I am just a pleb, stumbling around in the presence of some masters. Gotta start somewhere though, I guess !

And , it IS fun trying new stuff, and being inspired by stuff here…the resin swirl rails, Bert’s fin , and vacuum bagging threads, and watching Hicksy’s boards being created , in person ! [to name but a few! ]

Also, of course, I DO enjoy tinkering with the occassional fin, truth be told ! [ I think ‘Sr Pato’ , and ‘Gatordave’ , and I may be comparing notes in the not too distant future, without letting felines out of bags, so to speak !]


…‘’ crusty ‘barnacles’ bow down to ‘masters’ and ‘carps’. ‘Carps’ bow down to… ? [?? ‘great whites’ !!! ] "

p.s.- here’s some of my not so good boards from this year. The fins shot is from my previous board, made two and a half years ago [!]

The " fiver " option