Hynson HY sting quad

Here’s a post from over at surfermag I thought you guys might like. Lots of pics. Enjoy!


…man, too much mowed foam! may be 1/2" per side!..so, the board will be softer…

Yeah well…what can i say. Would be nice to call up clark and get one of those close tolerance blanks eh? Gotta get by with what we can get right now. Rather have a soft fish then no fish.

Maybe next one will be EPS.

Great post. What got me thinking is that there are many of us plowing foam in our garages while this allows the shaper to fine tune. Thinking of how much computers have been refined in my lifetime, I wonder in 20 years or so if these machines will be in everyone’s garages (and obviously, a lot smaller if they are). Or maybe no one’s cos it will all be eps or sando construction or some other new fangled thing by then.

Proctor in Ventura and Ambrose (Santa Cruz I think) will cut blanks for you.

Proctor is $25 for a shortboard and $37 for a longboard. I know Ambrose will only cut blanks that you buy from him (I read that on here a while ago), but talk about saving some time and getting a good consistent shape. I don’t have room to shape at home (live in apt in downtown santa barbara) but this option offers a way to “create” my own board. I remember Blakestah posting the $$ amounts to buy a blank, have it cut and then glassed all professionally done and you could have your own shape for ~$300. I just would need somewhere or someone to do the finish fine tuning of the blank, but it sounds pretty cool to try for a next board.

Cybershapes is the one in Santa Cruz and Ambrose is in Pacifica…

…Lokbox; I shape with Aussie blanks and Brazilians and both have close tolerance plugs…