Hypolon-like materials

Does any one know where to get Hypolon (rubber) material or any other similar materials? Dale, I remember you mentioned that you can get anyone to send you samples. Do you have sources for this sort of materials? Any ideas on bonding these materials together. Thanks a lot, Rob Olliges

I’ve seen hypolon or a simular material used as a roofing material on a flat roof. Try looking, asking around roofing and building suppliers.

Rob Check out the SOF (skin-on-frame) kayak websites/links. I’m sure you’ll find exactly the info you’re looking for. HTH Darren

these guys have it. all forms, sheets, strips, tubing, etc… http://www.mcmaster.com/ (just search for hypalon)

Hey Rob, I built a number of surf mats with DuPont Hypalon in the latter 1970s. The primary contact adhesive I used was made in France (Zodiac) and catalyst activated. Prior to bonding, I washed both contact Hypalon surfaces with MEK, lightly sanded and applied adhesive, etc. Experimental inflatables fabricated with specialized high grade materials such as Hypalon were a labor intensive, precise, toxic, expensive process. Regarding samples, anyone can get them. Just ask. The key to obtaining large quantities of materials is simple: large quantities of money. 25 years ago it wasnt unusual for me to spend $30.00 a yard for certain things, and then invest 40+ hours building whatever so I could answer a few nagging questions. Of course, that lead me to asking more obscure questions… The real challenge remains somewhere in the middle… substantial amounts of product for prototypes, at no cost and free shipping. Sometimes its possible, other times it isnt. Be honest, respectful and persistent, have a clear goal, i.e. know what youre talking about, and (heres the tricky part) speak with the right people. Remember, those who have the means to give you the best stuff arent always factory techs. Compared to 30 years ago, sleuthing out the good stuff has never been easier. Heres a great place to begin… http://www.jpwinc.com/?page=info

Dale & Brian, thanks for the links. Just what I needed. Now I need time and patience. Thanks again, Rob Olliges