Hypothetical, Flat tail and nose

How important is a rounded nose? 

If you took a mini simmons and cut the nose off to match the tail, what would be the disadvantage of that? Would it push water much? 

I wouldn’t think of it as cutting off the nose to match the tail, but rather as NOT cutting off the corners of the nose to match the tail. I’ve seen photos of some boards with pretty blunt noses, but nothing like a 20"+ simmons tail. My guess is that it would float, so you could surf it, but that nose might catch on turns.

I have been thinking of these too.

The trend of simmons and tomo things has been good practice in the “volume vs performance” game.

Squaring off the corners to add volume to small boards and then adjusting rocker, foil and bottom contours to make a trash can lid surf.

Cutting a few inches off the front of the standard thruster doesn’t change the design any, but a simmons styled board is like 18" already cut off. This makes me start thinking of the larger chassis of a (larger 6’- 7’) shortboard cut down in the Gemini style. I have never shaped or ridden one of these but the long rail line, low swing weight and tail rocker of a longer board has me thinking.

Interesting blend of design details or…

Again, it would be interesting to hear from others who have shaped, ridden or understand what is happening in the design details. Is the idea widening the nose line on a shorter board, or cutting the center out of a longer board. How would either of these be treated in bottom contours?

Is any of this related to the OP’s question?