hypto krypto dimensions

hey guys,

im sure dimensions on these boards would have been discussed before but I can’t seem to find anything.

Im trying to do a template for the hypto at 5’8 x 20 x 2 1/2 but need the 12" nose and tail and rocker measurements. Also how far forward is the wide point bought on these? Always wanted one and super keen on starting my #2 :D 


There are so many pics and dim-tables online. Load a rocker shot and an outline shot in boardcad or akushaper or whatever software you like and start copying. Never was copying easier than today. I’m not saying that you have a perfect copy of your desired board, but you can get pretty close by backyard standards.

Jordain,  On a 5’-6" HK the wide point is 3-1/2" forward.  At 1’ from the nose the rocker is 15/16" center and 1" rail.  The 1’ from the tail is 13/16" center, and 15/16" rail.  The center measurement is with the rocker stick on the center line.  The rail measurement is with the rocker stick shimmed to be equal to the rails.  The rail measurement gives you the rocker of the blank before you put in the center concave.  I have a Excel file with all the dims of the 5-6 if you are interested.

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Hey Dave
Been looking for measurements for the hypto
Would you be kind enough to send that Excell file through?

Other than the software part, this is me to a t - definitely a google search maniac when I’m planning my next board!


I did this last night then got hold of that excel spreadsheet and was just about spot on 1/8th of an inch here and there but near enough for me


Hey where did you guys position your fins? Just for a thruster setup

Hi Dave_D, hows are things?

I just read this forum post that you have an excel file of measurents for Craig Anderson’s hypto krypto board. Can you please share them with me, i would love to shape myself an version of it.


I’m struggling to picture how you have taken the rail rocker measurements. Any chance you can post a pic?


Wingnut, I will try to put up a picture. In the meantime imagine that you are starting to shape a blank. You are just going with the rocker that is in the blank. At this point the bottom is flat, no vee, no single. The rail rocker is now the same as the center rocker in my terminology. When you start shaping in concave you are lowering the center of the blank with respect to the rails. The concave creates a rocker in the center that is different than what you had in the blank before the concave. To measure the rocker you need for the blank to have to start the shape you must temporarily fill in the places with concave to be level with the rest of the blank. Then you balance the rocker stick on top of the shims and make your measurments. It’s like if you look at the profile on a shaping program on the computer the center rocker will dip below the rails equal to the depth of the concave. Remember you only have to worry about doing this if you are trying to measure an existing shape with concave.

Hey Dave_D … mate, I understand the concept and, ah well, practical aspect that the rocker at stringer is different to that at the rail …

What I am struggling to picture, understand is how you measured the rocker at the rail … you used “shims”? I’m guessing you “packed up” either the rail (i.e. for where there is vee) or the stringer (i.e. for where there is concave) and then measured the amount of “packing” ???


Shims from stir sticks with masking tape to build up where needed.

Rocker Jig resting on shims.  If using straight rocker stick balance on shim at midpoint and make measurements from top of shims.

Ahhhh … “light bulb moment” … now i get it …

The old “picture speaks a thousand words” … brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to get the pic and post it up. Hope you get all the set waves when you next go surfing :wink:


hey, i’m keen to make a hollow wood hypto crypto and would love to see that excel file if thats cool? was planning to make a 5’8" but the info for the 5’6" will be a good start. 

Hi guys,

I’m looking for more detailed dimensions of the hypto krypto for inspiring my first foam shape. Would anyone have it, as the excel file mentioned earlyer? Would even buy me oneto checkout how it’s features, but can’t find it here in Brazil.



hey ,Does anyone have the outline of the 5.8 x 20 hypocrypto? thanks