I Bought The 1966 Hansen 50-50

Well, I decided I better buy this 1966 Hansen 50-50 Surfboard 9’8", since I will probably never get another opportunity like this. It will be my special occasion rider, not a wall hanger. Here are a few pictures for your review.





Very cool old board!  Thanks for sharing

Nice buy…looks mint , and would be a pleasure to ride !

Congrats, I’m glad you pulled the trigger. The chances of finding another are slim. It’s only money and you can’t take it with you,and please don’t ride it only on special occasions ride it when when the mood strikes. It’s only a surfboard after all. 



Hats off to you, that is indeed a special board. Digging the whole package.

This  is the Hansen super light I bought for $5 .

That 50/50 is really nice!  You can tell it has been stored a long time and not seen much use. The red in the logos is still pretty strong. Most 50/50s that were used a lot or stored outside have no red letters at all. They just fade to nothing.

I like how the grain in both stringers nearly matches up.

Mind telling us how much you paid?

Also, that mark after the serial number should be a clue as to who shaped it. I think Bill Thrailkill knows the code for those.

I’ve known the seller for a long time. He was firm on his price of $1,200.00. I initially offered him $1,000.00, but he declined. So, I paid the $1,200.00. As shadydave said: “it’s only money and you can’t take it with you”. I’m 60 and I agree with him whole heartedly! I doubt I would ever come across another one in this condition! 

I’d say you paid a fair price for it. Under the right circumstances, it could sell for even more in an auction.  It’s a beauty and I’d have paid that much back when I was into accumulating old boards, no question.