I broke my nose, litlle bones and some cuts...

Well… it happens,

A windy day, not very big, not very strong…

I´ve been 2 hours in the water making surf, because I bought a new board (sorry for publicity…M2 from Bonga); like a kid, I went to try it as soon as possible, and I must say: she´s much more than they say, she rides very fast, it´s very manoeavrable and is very smooth and gives confidence in the ride.

Naturally I fall down, and because of the wind, the board flied over myself and when I got up, she beats me like a baseball stick with rail…

see the attachment…


I alway get the most hurt on small days. i think it because when you eat it everything stays close. Bigger days everything goes tight real quick

Do you believe that the ER, that I went to take care of my bruses and my nose refuses to put it completely right???

I, myself… I had to broke it again with my fingers to the other side and put the white sheets in the “holes” of my nose to put him as it should be…and a adhesive on the top of the nose by my hands???

And the cuts of the skin were “glued” wiht ciano… (it really works…)

epoxy long boards and wind,bad combo,must wacht out even more than regular boards

ouch! you have my complete and utter respect. I take my hat off to you sir!



I prefered to stay good…

it still hearts…

hahahahahahahahahahahaha !

I feel for you dude !

I been stung by a Jellyfish, beaten sensless by my board much you in the 'photo !, hit the bo**ox by my fins - awww the list just goes on and on !

I wish you a speedy recovery (maybe you are okay by this post today, May 1st) and I hope the surf gods treat you kindly from now on.

the exact same thing happend to me. I also broke my nose but on a takayame double ender.

To straighten the nose back to the original position, you must wait for the bruise to reduce otherwise it’s diifficult to put it back in the correct position. They usualy do it a few weeks after …

I hope you put the pieces back in the good position

You are such a good sport for showing us this picture.

It must hurt, I’m sorry for that, but this shot is great. Thanks for sharing it.

Also, I’m not sure i’d call you dude, even on the net.

aloha ~



Welcome to the club! I broke my nose at Pipeline in 1963. Was not any fun at all. Hope you heal quickly.

Heal up and enjoy your new board.


Well… I still have a little bit of the mark below my left eye…

meanwhile, I´ve tried really my board and she´s really fast and manoeavrable (i never thought she was as she is…); It´s a M2 and the only aspect that I don´t like (a little) is that she´s a bit heavy to paddle…

It´s a great rocker and a great outline !!!

PS: I made a warning to my board… the next time (if there is…) there are 4 wheels ready to put her straight (and I mean realllllllly straight…)

Thanks guys…