I built my own (free) board design software!

I posted about this a few years ago but finally got the chance to finish it up. I released the surfboard design software I’ve been working on that runs on iPhone or iPad! Thanks to the folks here that helped me test out a beta version a while back.

Website: www.ishaper.surf

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1436528551


It’s completely free to use - I’d love to get any feedback or suggestions on new features or improvements! Thanks!

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Thanks, that must have been a labor of love,since you are offering it up for free. My lap top cramped out been useing an IPad for more then a year.now.  I’ll get the pro game and report back

Looks great!

Unfortunately I have no iOS devices at my disposal.

But once I do, I’ll definitely try this out!

Looks great! Well done!

Unfortunately, I can’t run it on my ipad mini because it needs iOS 10. So in general it needs/will need a newer iDevice. The thing is, shapers don’t tend to have a lot of cash. I suspect a lot of people here are using either an android phone or an iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 will run this but we can expect that to stop working in a year or 2. 

Customers with money to burn will appreciate it though as people like to get involved in the creation process. You could have a ‘send to local shaper’ button on it and earn a commission for each successful sale! Local shaper get extra sales and hopefully avoid some customer hassles & the app gets funded. Is it a good idea?

Thanks artz, PM me if you have any feedback or shoot me an email through the app!

Thanks jago25_98! You are definitely correct about older devices - I can see usage across much older iPhones than other apps. Just tryin to put some good karma out there in the surf world for now - no plans to try an monetize it. I do have a “donate” button so hopefully I can break even on hosting costs. 

Having spent years as a machinist working with engineers, I can tell you that would be a horrible experience for the shaper. 

In general, it you don’t have the ability to build it, you shouldn’t be designing it. 

Im ok if that rubs people a little bit in the wrong way. 


BULLSEYE !       

I will get back to you in couple of weeks still working on my new very used Home. Yes a 67 Is took on a fixer project. New floors some walls down to the studs drywall paint. It’s looking good.

After the first of the year I will get a Art Studio/Shaping Shed out back.

Just downloaded it onto my iphone.

I just could play around with the outline, i could not find a way to design rocker, deck and bottom contours (neither cross-section).

If this is not possible, for me, the program remains a toy, or an app to play around with some ideas regarding the outline of a board.

Did I make a mistake in using it, or is it meant only that way. Will the above mentioned features come with future updates? 

If it stays like it is, it will not replace boardcad for me.


Hey Surfdude, definitely not meant as a replacement for Boardcad - just a tool to build outlines for now. I’ll probably add some rocker options in the future but want it to be for hand-shaping, not CNC.