i do beleeve surfins is way radical

yep i like to get waves nobdys thinks is ridabull it is fun sometimes i almost cry it is sos funn thanks wherrevea yous are no no drgs or alkyhol was invovled in the mmmmmakin of this here post just thinkin about surfin thats all, lov, run


Please get help before its too late! You are in denial. Stop the lies! Your post is a textbook example of acting out a desperate inner cry for help. It is not funny.

  1. admit there is a problem

  2. seek help

  3. engage in a thorough self-examination

  4. confidential self-disclosure

  5. make amends for harm done

  6. help other drug addicts who want to recover

Most cities have Narcotics Anonymous phone lines listed in their directories. If no phone line is listed in your area, feel free to contact the World Service Office - P.O. Box 999, Van Nuys, Ca. 91409, or call 1 818 773 9999, ext. 771.


Good call!

The total lack of capitalisation is a dead giveaway…

oh and the “lov” bit…

Sounds to me like you’ve been watching the, “I’m surfing on heroin” , section of the Runman 69 surf film. I rather enjoy it myself actually, thats watching folk pull into close out shore break tubes onto dry sand not herion. Addiction to either of these pastimes however will require help sooner or later.

Howzit sparksbrand,Haven’t seen that movie yet. I done 2 boards for Runman’s son and next time I see Runman I’ll ask him if I can borrow a copy. Trying to figure out where he would have shot those vids. Thinking either Pine Tree in Hanalei or Kealia on the east side since it’s known for a dumping shorebreak wave. Aloha,Kokua

Why venerable sir i do believe you have demonstrated keen judgment! It is preposterous to think anyone can lower their ego enough to spew truths just from guts not drugs.

In addition you must be correct in the belief that everything is rigid, black and white. Rigid fins, rigid boards, rigid doctrines. Yes, MTB must be on drugs, Ambrose too, Dick Van Straalen, Dale Solomonson, Greg Liddle, George Greenough.

All these people are crazy to think learning never ends and the gray areas are infinite like the curves on a wave; they must be crazy or on drugs to understand conscious changes in surfing styles, board choice, and yes even writing styles can just be an extension of human expression and learning, an extension of true surfing itself! Drugs I tell you!

As the great Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat would say “FLEX YOUR HEAD!”

yep i’s like to be surfin, single fnis, thursters, twine keels, ands the serfmats, sometimes the boddyserfin is bootful as wel

blessed is he who knows too much to argue or to judge

nevertheless in the punk rock spirit of the great Bob Simmons I must now say fuck off!

lov, run

human since 1980

Good for you.

Oh Bondage up yours!

Runman’ films are cult viewing around these parts, the mans a genius. Please let him know the high esteem I and others hold him in.

tha rezultz are in!

surfink amidst the contemporary crowd is

voting for the obvious oblivioid characterizations

of what is rideable

What is ride - able is the primary topic breached.

Breached ?

thats like loading the gun as it were…

the topic is been dropped,

somewhat impulsively I must admit

By friend aquaintence and patron

Iluminated dr.von run .

The point being,come on out the surf is uncrowded.

the E- Ticket is unconventional equiptment choice.

The exhuberant shout of negative Ion overdose

gleened from extended surfing sessions are the drug of choice.

hang ing on the peir

con-versing in the P-lot

Videograph critiquing

Library book search

blue campfire musing


as to the laudible mr C man,purveyor of the runman series

ray is a credible resource for the hard information evolving from the contemporary subculture.

there are layers to the sub teranian elements of the subculture

what we have that may be a faliure to communicate

to ground level awareness from the deeper underground is


calling the inventor/inventive-creative mind,

weather in jest or as a defense,

is as predictable.

as is often the case

the first to claim or accuse of substance affected conciousness change

is convienient for the un excercised mind.

twenty to thirty deep breathing exhales into a plastic bag

{{{{{{{preparing A Neumatic for a go out}}}}}}}}}

…the drug of choice…

paddling three to five times harder to get back out

because no one is there to utilize the next set wave

just because it is out of step with the narrow

criterion for what is a good surf.

designing equiptment only rideable for championship swimmers

fish that are not whales or flounders but more like perch or guppies

a devoted and noble enterprise.

In time the cryptique

will resolve into clarity

when the 10’6’’ pintail gun

was also admitedly a rarity

encanting B. Simmions

only a clue

the time for change

is shirley due

the fact is

it aint abou you

It’s about Us

thet includes you

and me and all that wanna come to

[you know like wake up from unconciousness]

stay behind you won’t be alone

on glassy mornings at the peir

or the grion

or on the point

or in the parking lot

in the lineup when it’s head high

when the crossover snowboard guys

are giving it a try

and the girls from the magazines

and the pro circut are in town

and the little league grommets

are there too

with their parent support groups egging them on.

remember when you pull up and the pkg lot is empty and the surf is blown

there’s one car there and yes there is no one home

out in the waves look close…closer …closer

some body might be out getting the invisible soul glide

glowing with success and illumination

and able of passing a coast guard pee test

any day of the month twenty four hours a day

saving all beer and dope money for a new

Mat ,


liddle hull








and what have you.

if all you have is a pop out

or a try fin

or a beat up ole board

perhaps your scope may be positivly

effected by channeling

disposeable income from

beer wine black market drugs and pharms

research and study to farther a worldly tone

in order to spend them

on alternative wave access .


I forget was that run man II

where the guy is paddling

down the Uluhelekawawa

with a lauhala hat on

standing up?

who was that guy?

what a nut?

what was he on ?

A twelve one

named for the

kidnapped king

as a matter of fact.

twenty to thirty deep breathing exhales into a plastic bag {{{{{{{preparing A Neumatic for a go out}}}}}}}}}

…the drug of choice…

Can you explain that so I can understand it?


twenty to thirty deep breathing exhales into a plastic bag {{{{{{{preparing A Neumatic for a go out}}}}}}}}}

…the drug of choice…

“Can you explain that so I can understand it?”

Can’t get meself out of the quote box…arrrrgh…but anyway in case this is serious question Neumatic mats take a bit of puffing before you can ride them and if you aren’t careful to pace yourself you’ll end up light headed and hyperventilated. Kinda fun in itself though not the best way to start paddling out. Better to get hyperventilated and light headed from ducking and bashing through waves. If you are that way before you start you might not have enough poop to get all the way out at least if you’re as out of shape as I am…either way, its a good clean drug that won’t hurt you and could likely even do you some good—extra oxygen that is…

the primary material in the neumatic surf mat is nylon and it is coated with some sort of waterproofing

to be more specific denier nylon?

I am some what ignorant of the facts

yet it all is easily lumped together as plastic stuff.

surf mats are inflateable.

to inflate one may choose to inflate orally.

that means to inhale air ino ones lungs and then exhale into this :plastic bag!

alluding of course to the adolescent experiments with inhaling toxics to achieve altered conciosness

these toxics wer traditionally on soaked rags put into plastic bags

ahand hyperventelated until unconcious or dead in the most extreme cases

Exhaling into a plastic bag over and over




much like top speed on a mat some say,

once the mat is inflated you can begin to enter the surf to ride a few waves

I.E, go out

the simple effort of deep breathing can also be so exhalerating

as to be like the effect of an ingested substance like beer and wine

or more serious alkaloids like coffee cocaine opium marijuana heroin

and on infinitum…a llife and death study in them selves…

the drug of chioce= the assumption that as we all must serve some body

we are all in a position to choose what drug we foster a relationship.

this allusion includes a passion for ice cream reading and

in the case of my short comment ,air.

a jest of sorts yet a poinient reminder that air in fact

can be used as an alternative to stupifying substances


making the crass name calling accusations of the contributors neutralized if

in fact they do not lead a life of focused abstinence from …?

even air I ask you ?

hah hah ha .


sometimes explaining things dilutes the humor

even though informational

hopefully you can take this all in.

your friend ambrose…

Thank you Ambrose! That was great!

Off topic-

Re: your user profile, what exactly is a “pet therapist”?

thats runman69.the altime best surf movie EVER…


paddle’n down and out the channel north of the house…

what year was that? way before the now time…i like the part where one of your kids is on the front of the 12 footer belly riding with a big o smile.

eveready eddie

is that section housings?