I got a hankering to make and sell.

 But what would be a product that sells in the surfing market place today?

 Boards? Too crowded and pricepoint too low.

Clothes? every man and his dogs got a label.

Other surfcraft? But what would sell?

Thsi is the place to ask because over the years you guys have seen it all.

My thuinking is that itd be a popout manufacture for low labor costs with hand finishing for customising?

 Ive got decent skills, I can shape and glass, pretty good on the tools, and I got some ongoing money from a good job.

Where you located?  I'll take your money.

too late, got a coupla creative types from here working on a bi sect style of product.

I know this isn’t general discussion, but I’m thinking of the old saying, if you have to ask… You want to make? Great, do it. You want to sell? Great do that. It’s combining the make and sell that takes a great idea and usually a mastery level knowledge of the target industry. If you even have to ask such a basic question, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

My advice would be to go back to surf industry 101, spend some years in a shop learning what does and what does not sell. Then throw out the idea, sell something immaterial that makes you enough money to surf and shape on your free time. Surfing is a big industry dominated by big industrial types. As an individual if you want to make a small fortune in the surf industry, start with a big fortune.

I do know what sells and its rarely something thats needed , its all about want. Who need another fin design?, no one, but they will sell thousands over the next day or two.

 I susbscribe to the idea that if you build something thats great, that people will want , then they will buy it even if they dont need it or ever use it. Give em something terrific that makes them feel good cuz people buy to feel good.

 How many people buy an offroader but never take it off road? But it feels good to be sittin high knowing you could go anywhere, if ya wanted to.

 Its not about surf industry 101, its just about


Hi Clint,

Too much room to talk psychology here.  Its all about peer pressure.  Surfers boast about how they didn’t pay anything for it.  “What, you paid that much, well I got a buddy who could have set you up”.

On the other end, peer pressure is, “I gotta have the best to impress”.

So unless you are giving it away, or you have Kelly riding it, it is really a hard sell.

Go be creative, do the best you can, go slow, and do it as an art piece.  Then if you are really good, and you do something really artistic that strikes a chord in their soul, you might find a little niche.


My industry of designing and building houses is really the same.  Most want a deal, so they can tell their friends how shrewd they were.  Some want something special, that no one else has.  The exclusivity.  Stay away from popouts at this point, unless you have a million or so to set up your overseas factory and export pipeline.

I’ll tell you, I got the shit kicked out of my business competing on price.  It wasn’t until I learned how to step above the masses that I had any success.

Stay away from white squash tail thrusters.  Everybody does them, and there is hardly any difference between them.  Work on your glassing,  Work with colors,  But not on $60 blanks!  Save your money.  Start out on Home depot little chunks of insulation foam.  Seal it with some paint primer, so it doesn’t disolve from the resin.  Read the CEREX thread I did last month, if you want to know the direction of new materials.

But most importantly, do something of value.

Do I sound like your Dad or what!


Good post Everysurfer, As for those customers who want something for nothing----No Way am I interested in those types !  Thankfully some people will pay for quality.

 I agree with you about niche products and exclusivity, all the basics are well and truly covered but theres always room for a new product that creates a need. Much like the new car market where they create desire and aspiration.   

 LAst week I spoke to a guy here on Swaylocks whos made a full size bodyboard thats collapsible, it all fits inot a soft bag that stands no higher than your knee, pulls together in < 3 mins, its 'green' and yet hi tech. Great product but it doesnt create a big enough need to make it financially viable. It might sell 100 or 500 units p.a. but Im looking for something that will sell thousands p.m.

 Ive made my own boards under the name Clint Surfboards and Ive learnt, as youve said, to avoid the squash tail thruster.

 Im sure theres an idea out there thats ready to go with an injection of money.

As 2 examples of new ideas Ive seen a clam shell gadget that fits on a legrope and stops the trailing loop from dragging.

And a set of side fins that start from the FCS plugs and then arc towards the stringer to make a closer set pair of twin fins specifically designed for use with a thruster planshape.

 I havent ridden either but they are both worth considering as reasonable income producing products.

What would be a product that sells in the surfing marketplace today?




Package that and you’ve got a winner. 

Thats what the ad guys do.

I would try to get a part time job in a surfing shop in order to learn what sells.

Clint , you seem to have immersed yourself in the " sales and marketing" bible , which preaches that you should try to sell something to people who don't particularly want it , or need it.....and to use whatever form of psycological pursuation thats needed to reach a set " bottom line" target  within a determined time frame..........IMO , that's a view of the commercial world that has failed , and led us to the current disfunctional state of economics in general ( globally ).....try re-programming yourself to persue happiness and contentment for yourself , your loved ones and your friends.........money is important , but it's not that important , when compared to some things that money will never be able to buy.........

 This is the Industry forum and 'sales and marketing', the 'bottom line', 'targets' and 'time frames'  is how Industry breathes.

 Im still looking for an original product, considering the global reach of i-technology even an app could be worthwhile.

 Ive trawled through the available surfing apps, mostly weather ones and a few games but theres nothing there to 'set the world on fire'.

Did you just take a class in marketing 101 at Community College? 

 Why in the world would anyone share their brilliant product idea with a stranger? If my  idea for a Vickie Vicious blowup doll/surfboard combo is a good one and it is You could steal my concept rush to China have million in shops by next Tuesday. Of course like any marketing sales genius you then tell my royalty checks are in the mail  On Further R and D, It has to my attention that the boobs created to much drag. On the other hand The naughty nurse model is working great!


At best you guys are responding to a ‘kook’, at worst a’ troll’.

Someone who can’t be helped.

Get a clue.

Either way Otis,I was bored and had fun.

Complete trollage!

I can share freely because I’m very busy and don’t have time to play out some of my ideas.

I have a binder that over the years, I would come up with an idea and just throw it in there sometimes with sketches and other times without.

Some are surf related but many are not.

Here’s a few:

A Peel N Stick Carbon deck pad (with traction or not) that can easily be applied to a board needing reinforcemet against denting

A deep teardrop concave ‘disc’ that is removable for days you want to camp on the nose and other days you want fast trimming.

A variable weight system that you can buy the kit and install and play with how strategic weight placement(s) alters the performance of the board.

Interchangeable tail sections offering instant options in varying length and tail styles. One day your board is a 6’8" squash… one hour later the surf jacks up and in less than 3 minutes it becomes a 7’4" round pin, diamond or swallow … a one board quiver.

A cool lookin straw type cowboy hat with that turned down brim that Brad Pitt and all those country stars look so good in except past the front of it, it’s a visor.

Flip flops designed for travel that roll up into a small tootsie roll and fit nicely into your luggage.

That’s enough for starters.


That one already exists. My late father frequently wore a hat just like that.