I have a question...???...Shold I write out my whole post on this Subject line, or maybe I should do it the old way, you know in


are you being cynical?


about that?

This may get out of control

better lock it now!!!

Ha Ha LOL!


serious funny, and god know we need some funny of late…so what have you been building lately Paul? it’s too dam wet here to shape outside so i’m done for the year…;-(

would probably eliminate a lot of boredom posts

if people could see more of what it was

from the subject line

just a thought

I’m not bored–I just think it’s a worthy enough thing to do

I have wished newspaper articles online had more info in the link

I have clicked into threads like “End of an Era” solely to satisfy curiosity


well if you are making an example of the thread i started on snowboard builds, I posted the subject as long as I did mainly to say up front it was not directly about surfing… but it has some compsand discussion that could be related.

I’ll edit it… I just see threads get banned on here all the time and at times I question as to why… and I was just doing this to try to avoid being banned.

That’s all.


; )

You guys are a RIOT!

Go easy on originalsin would ya?

Friggin BRUTAL around here!

You know?


Oh you guys are so screwed now! LOL

oh my this is tickling me!!!

I need a drink!


Ken, i’m right there with you…just started getting into india and california pale ales…where the f*ck have i been?

in college perhaps?

Start brewing your own. it is easy and fun. I know that there are a few of us on here who do. it is so good.

So don’t be feelin down. There’s crazies all around

brevity is in idaho

16miles from levity.


burma shave


whisker soap


Hahahhahahhehhheheheh… That was pretty damn good, Paul… Sorry Guys!! I feel like a heel. Won’t happen again. Should I go through and edit it or erase it?