I just dont want any body to say I never told them

Bo Diddley,american man Barbeques chicken



fuget everything else

what else do you want?

two tall singin’ girls?

well ok,take that {in your audio mind}

with you surfin 

an be happy.



Figures it would be some jacka$$ link that would flock up my computer.   Nah —  Considering the source I didn’t bite on it.

duh duh duh…tah duh…duh.   Lame attempt at that classic Bo Diddley rhythem.  Mike

The Blues will never, ever go away.  It is in the blood.  No matter who you are, the music will move you on some level.

And Chuck Berry has swagger for days.

“I prefer to think of myself as an antenna. There’s only one song, and
Adam and Eve wrote it; the rest is a variation on a theme.” - Keith Richards




Bo Diddley was a real character. I had the pleasure of working with him twice. He used to tour solo. If you booked him you had to hire a backing band. One time, we got a band that was very much into his music. During rehearsal, they were suggesting songs to him that he had not played in years. He had a good time.

He can also talk story with the best of them. After a show, he liked to sit around, eat a bit, drink some whiskey, smoke a little, and just hold court. The man was hilarious.




schoolin. bo diddley was a gunslinger.


Ambrose , I never knew you could write Chinese !!!

I can copy anything

from wikipedia


Thanks Ambrose....

I don't look so good in white pants....

....gotta love that big sound.....I love the horns...boggy woggy base too......

Who do you love?.....who do you love.....I watched the whole thing two times.....times 3....

Pluse one or two.....got any more links?

just stumbled whilst on the magic sam thread…

And I remembered,there was a man ,MAGIC

in his own right not , Mr Johnston well before

that played the blues, …  an  lo’ an behold

another chance to fall to yo’ knees …

deep respect to american music,

it aint all gershwin.


happinin’ covers .

 another reason to hover

close to the music machine.

recorded music shaped

the mind of the 20th century


I could see listinin’ to this

for a couple repeats.

now to book mark this link

on the TOOL BAR  AS SWeet

home chicago starts to perk…

no wonder paul butterfield

at 1/2 the grit was so

well imprinted


Samuel “Magic Sam” Gene Maghett** (February 14, 1937 – December 1, 1969) was an American Chicago blues musician. Maghett was born in Grenada, Mississippi and learned to play the blues from listening to records by Muddy Waters and Little Walter. After moving to Chicago at the age of nineteen, he was signed by Cobra Records and became well known as a bluesman after his first record, “All Your Love” in 1957. He was known for his distinctive tremolo-guitar playing.[1]


well now play this on the way to the beach and 

replay mind music while doing  left -go- right top turns

and shorebreak slalom tip turns…


now it’s on you belong to me…

you can hear so many familiar riffs 

that were given to us by them paying homage to 

Sam Maghett … so glad to have the blues in my tool bag.