I Know Why Glassing Should Be Hands On!

Literally! Before you start glassing!! And I’m not saying why either!!!

Please say the suspense is killing me!

Not even God is twisting my arm on this one! Jack Reeves, I’ve got you sussed!!

Deanbo…that’s just f#@ked up dude!

If you’re not gonna share…why even post it?

This isn’t the “torture your fellow surfboard builders” forum.

That’s just cruel man…cruel.

I just have to gloat. It’s just too good not too!!


Everybody…just pretend not to care, he’ll cave!

BTW: *I don’t even understand wtf he’s on about. Soz Deanbo.

Alrighty then. I can only play the game for so long. If you would like to know the inner most secret, commonly known as why glassing should be hands on, send me a PM and I will share the secret that is known as a much lighter, much tighter glass job. By the way it requires the use of epoxy, so if you are using poly, you need not apply.

ya ,

use a squeegie not a brush

Very good!

Aloha kensurf, As one who had to learn from a master back in the days of yore, I have always said the more you do it the better you get because you learn from your mistakes.Aloha,Kokua