I miss the Aerialite Girl

You know the one in the ad’s hiding behind the white blank? With that quirky little smile.

OK. Go back to your work. Just a thought I had.

ya know… I was thinking about that yesturday whent the new surf mag showed up. No more Aerialite chica =/

Yes Greg,

I know, its the little quirky smiles that make life so enjoyable…

Alas, not to worry, there is always the Reef girls.


Though of course one sees more of their …than their smiles, as such.

Alas again…



Though of course one sees more of their …than their smiles, as such.

Alas again…


Ha! I don’t think i’ve seen any of their smiles. Well except for the time the reef team came to VA and they brought the reef girls XD



we need a bigger pic!

She had thick ankles! :wink:

A bigger pic would be nice, but thx. I’ll try to get by with the thumbnail.

yes she’ll be missed

looks like E’s Brooke Burns in a way

but lineups everywhere miss this young lady even more:

Dang, Bernie, when I opened that pic I got a little teary eyed. Talk about a life well lived. Certainly trivializes my little post.

thanks for putting up that pic.

You guys are killing me.

We actually have a few of both posters of the Aerialite girl still in our closet. One is the one of the blank in front of her and the other is her sitting on a board with a computer.

If you want one or both, send your address to Mary at mcausey@aerialite.com and she’ll send you one.

Our only payment/request is to see them on the walls of glassing or shaping rooms.

One more thing to feed your imagination…she still looks good!