I need a job

 I have been  associated with a prominent retail store in So. California for several years. I have years worth of surfing and surfboard building experience. I have a loyal following of customers/friends that come to me for the honest advice they know I am going to give them. I have my own product line, surfboards and t-shirts that are well known. My products have always been some of the best selling items in the shop. I am able to bridge the retail manufacturing parts of our business. I have a very impressive “portfolio”.  I know what Polyurethane, polyester, Eps and Epoxy actually mean. This has been a very important part of my success with the shop. I am not a “kid”.  I am someone that older customers, the ones with the money, can relate to. I am known for promoting quality items that actually work. Yes I still surf. 

  The owner of the shop has decided to make changes in the way his shop is going to go. He only wants minimum wage employees and has decided to carry nothing but consignment surfboards. He wants to go with imported private label boards. Basically anyone who will work cheap and fill his shop for free.

 This new direction does not have any room for me. I have dedicated my life to making a quality product and helping people making good choices in their surfing equipment. I know and the “books” prove that I more than earn my keep. This new direction leaves me looking for work.

 If I sound like someone who might be what your business lacks please contact me via Private Message on Swaylocks. I am very well known and due to the “gossipy”  nature  of the surf business I wish to keep my identity private until I know that you are legitimate, I am.


I hope someone recognizes you that can appreciate the most valuarble resource:


I’d sure like to know which shop that is… that I want to NEVER patronize.

Why dont you just take this as a time to focus on producing your own line and marketing it wholesale to other stores. If you are as well known as you say then that shouldnt really be too much of an issue. Step up your own game as oppossed to helping someone else boost thiers.

In the end working for yourself is always the most satisfying


STILL LOOKING.                                                                                                                                                                         I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I have run the whole show in the past it is not what I want now.

 I guess I should have said I am willing to step all over another mans deal { was there ever any respect in this industry? } lie to customers just to make that sale today even if it is not the right thing for them. I have lost that sale “today” a few times by being honest only to have them return and say “I should have listened to you” and than become longtime loyal customers.  And I will work for free! Because thats what I have been replaced with.