i need a subcontractor for glassing and finishing of precut blanks


I’m new here and in need of some subcontracting work for an experienced glasser to help finish with some precut blanks. The blanks will be ready for the glassing and all the finishing touches with decals included. I’m willing to make it more of a permante thing so long as the work is up to par. Anyone interested in making some extra cash please let me know.

thank you

And your location is?    Idaho?  San Fernando Valley?

Maybe Viet Nam?

I could finish, Glass, Sand, Pack and Send  - your pre-shaped blanks,
In fact,
I could buy the blanks and pre-shape them on the factories shaping machine.

You can supply the decals and shaping files and any other instructions....

Email me if you like


(edit - Yes this is in china, I thought you guys would know that from my location)

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f%%ing thumb drive shapers get a job.

Huie I think the profit margin on doing boards this way would be so low someone would need a full time job to live Ha ha.

which would leave them no time to finish shape the pre cuts and have any water time whatsoever.

Lets say $80 blank

              $35 pre shape

             $30+ to finish off pre shape

             $280 min to glass, fin, sand and finish.

So there is a minimum of $425AU and if you are not well known you wont be charging $650 for them either and if you did you would still need to sell  quite a few a week to make a decent living. 

And if they are just using generic files from a cad program with no real life water time then its probably pot luck with getting a decent high performance board I reckon.

It reeks of effort. Such a cut throat industry its probably much easier to build your own boards and get a job that actually makes a wage.

Maybe its a gee-up and he's sitting back pissing him self laughing.