I need advice

I just finished up my first lamination- 6oz tinted RR fast on EPS deck- It turned out fine and I am happy overall, but I got way too fixated on the laps/wetting the rails that there are some spots with excess resin on the flats (where you cannot see weave)- the deck flats started gelling while I was messing with the rails/laps so I was hesitant to pull more resin out to the rails after I had the laps wet/tucked. I plan to now glass/cutlap the bottom of the board and then go back over the deck with a second layer of 6oz clear. Should I sand the deck lamination (obviously the tint is darker in the excess resin areas)? Or should I just live with it and not risk sanding into the cloth?

   Short answer, is yes.       You will then have an opportunity to engage in the time honored practice of hiding blemishes with artwork, designs, color work, competition bands, etc.      Get your creative juices flowing.      Believe me, I’ve done it many times.

It has been my experience that when you sand on a tinted Epoxy that it does change the color in the area you sand.  Not so with Poly.  So in your situation it might be ok to sand those darker spots.   When I have had this happen in the past the sanded spot would always come out lighter.  So it might work for you.  Next time go ahead and pull the excess resin off the deck by pulling it to the tailblock and right off into the bucket.  You don’t have to pull it to the rail. Off course you can oversand anything, so go easy, maybe sand by hand.

Pardon my ignorance (I did a search), what are competition bands?

First I’ll say I’m stoked to be a full fledged member of that time homered tradition hahah. 

Compatition bands - when nose riding contests were in full swing guys would put a solid stripe across the front of their boards so they knew when they were riding the nose in terms of the rule book. Believe it was 18” back from the nose. 

Im sure others can expand and give a better history  

Now the term pretty much describes and thick color band around a board. 



“Maybe sand by hand”. 



You need to at least key your lam to secure bond of second layer. So you can sand a bit more those resin pools. Spread some alcool to see finish color.

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fill coat, cheater coat, hot coat,

call it what you will.

I was impressed when bobby allen

told me to tint tem coats too

this gives a hertofore richness

to the red that comes out RED.

sandingn thru a clear coat into the red

and making it thinner is what I expect

affects a color diviation.

mixing a big batch of resin with tint

keeps subsequent laminations and hot coats

all the same density as to make the color

not show thin and thick. educated guesses are all we can do.

this board you are making is unique in the universe.

let 'er rip! probobly you already gone past this advice

being relevant.catch a wave on it for me.

an outside set…


make a bag for it .