I need help with surfboard dimensions

I need some help on surfboard dimensions. I’m transitioning from a long to a shortboard. Here are some specifics:

I’d like to rip and carve at the same time, but i think carving with small kine snaps, hitting the lip, etc. is what I’m looking for. I’m not really looking to do ariels, 360’s and those other nuts stuff. I actually have a 9-3 Kimo Greene Honolulu Model, about 22"x2 7/8"…something like that… I love this board…but sometimes when the surf is too big, I can’t keep up and end up bailing off the wave. I guess I’m intermediate level; with my longboard, I can do bottom turns, come back up the wave, turns, trim, noseride, etc.—I have the tendency to “pump” my board when I’m on the wave, I guess sometimes I need more speed?.. I’m in good shape, athletic, about 5’9", 145lbs.

What are some of my options?


…may be go with a mini egg around 6 5 or 6 7 X 20"…